Sprosstal-tournament is just frustrating and impossible to win

Really, are you serious?! With a team close to 3500, Dragonstorm, Meteorites, role of wonders, etc. I failed 5 (!) times in the end with those 3 giant rabbits - after not losing one game on my way to the last level - my little brother has no chance to get there by any means with a team of more than 3400+ using the same tools - seriously, what is your goal here? To frustrate the sh** out of people for eastern, so they throw away their phone and then start to look for another game?! Make it possible, think about how many times one should lose at max before you eventually let them finally succeed!! Players have to invest much more then they get as a reward once they win the last episode - a profile picture with a rabbit, a golden coin (which rewards you with a 3 star hero - seriously?!) and a trainer hero (at least a 4 star one) - but you have to invest SO MUCH MORE to get this “not-at-all-great” rewards.
Really, Small giant, take some lessons in Customer Satisfaction and eventually hire a psychologist to understand you jeopardize your (even paying) players by continuously frustrating them - you are to greedy and voracious by far!! Won’t hurt you to put some really thrilling rewards in here an d make it possible for everyone to gain success and participate in getting the great rewards!! Make it possible, keep your players happy, thrilled and delighted!! Doesn’t cost you a thing!


Completion is not mandatory.
Also, it’s the pinnacle of advanced mode. It suggests you take a 4000 power team, not a 3500 one.
Timestops and bombs are your best friend.

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My experience is that I can take down a level roughly with a recommendation 500 team points higher than my actual team with smart tactics and item use. I haven’t gotten to the end of the advanced stage yet, but I’m treating it like a monthly challenge and doing OK so far.
That means charging specials before killing the last monster, and using arrows and bombs at the boss stage to keep their attacks weaker.
It’s worth noting that none of the bunny specials need a dispeller to handle, so that’s a hero slot free for another type of special in the attack team.
The final level, judging by the final of the normal stage, should go down fairly easily if hit with the old mass item attack trick, a full load of multiple dragon blasts, bombs, axes, then following up with hero specials.

IDK, man. Just finished it with 3400 team from first try. Time stop is very helpful. Difficulty is the same as last advanced stage on events.

I agree!!!give better rewards and able 2 win would be nice

I finished it using a 3376 team :sunglasses:

Really…? Great advice. Not.

Bombs, time stops and dragonstorms were used. And even weaker teams made it using minor weapons. This is just some ••• programming that lets some win while others won’t. That’s all.

I really doubt the programmers have so much time on their hands that they can program a way for the game to cheat some of their players. Really? Please. :roll_eyes:

The final stage of Advanced is supposed to be a challenge, still those with lower team strength have beaten it, as noted above.

I’m curious what team you are using, whether you are “ghosting” tiles before each phase and how you are using your items.


I pulled it off with minor healings, superhealings, bombs and tornados, with a team strength of 3576. I’d probably have taken arrows instead of tornadoes if I wasn’t being prepared in case of the no more moves bug.
By the end I still had a batch of minor healings and two tornados left. I suggest multiple healers for this one.

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Constructive feedback is great!

Problem: You played the event. You didnt like the rewards and thought it was too hard. Fair feedback.

Solution 1: Dont play the event. As you said. Rewards arent that great.

Solution 2: Get a better team. A worthy goal that will serve multiple purposes.

Remember that not all players share your opinions and concerns. I loved the event and that it actually was a bit trycky to complete. The rewards could have been better, but they always can.


Nope, just means you’re not very good.

I beat it with a team of 3476 power. I used, from left to right: Melendor 4/70, Rigard 4/70, Boldtusk 4/70, Chao 4/70, Isarnia 3/70. I used dragon attacks, time stops, resurrection scrolls and super mana potions. You have to play smart in these events. Choose heroes who complement each other, arrange them carefully to protect your weaker ones, choose matches carefully to charge your specials, ghost tiles to avoid charging theirs, charge your specials and heal your heroes before killing the last enemy on each level, focus your attacks on one enemy at a time. In this one, take advantage of the free healing offered by matching the eggs.

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The eggs really do matter:

3 = 32-42 health
2 = 64-85 health
1 = 96-128 health

0 = minus 139-185 health!

So no matter how the board plays out, I must match more 1-3 eggs than 0 eggs that go kablooey.

Unless I have multiple healers (and/or potions) to take up the slack, matching the eggs is crucial, and I need to be crafty about it, since a 1 egg will give me more health, but be more dangerous.

The obvious match:

Use Dragons to take out non-matching colors:

Love those diamonds! Wait till the eggs are down to 1, if you can, for a big health boost:


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