Sprite display bug


Sometime i have a bug displaying the main interface.
see The screen-shot attached.

I’m on Huawei P8 Lite
EMUI 4.0.3
Android 6.0


Where is your screenshot? (Use “Upload” at bottom left to include it.) :slight_smile:



I send you an other one…


E&p in space! lol…


Yes :slight_smile:
Sometime funny but not always…

When all gems are black for example :frowning:


Gah! Is this every time you turn on the game?


80% since a couple of week.

I tried some différent things.

Run cleaner before launch, sometime it works, sometime not…

Just quit and launch again without cleaner, sometime it works too

And also restart my mobile, sometime don’t work !

I read somewhere (sorry, don’t remember) about an incompatibility between
Huawei and some graphical libs or framework…

I hope you can find something.
I realy like this game and i dont want to stop to play with



Have you submitted a ticket?


Do you want more info or details ?


I think we have enough :slight_smile:

Definitely put in a ticket with Game Support:


You can include a link to this thread if you like (remove the _ when you send it):



Thx for the link.
I just submit a ticket and already have a confirmation.

Thx a lot


Thanks for the report! Please try and install all the latest software updates available for your device. This should solve the problem as the reason for these failed images is hardware (or graphics driver) specific. There can be no network issue because all the images are included in the client and because you have been able to download & can run the game, your device should be compatible.