Springvale Summons 2019 what did you get?

Had 5 epic hero tokens and got nothing. Was really only hoping for Anzogh. No luck this time.

Used 10 tokens I had saved, no rabbits or hotm. Then I cried.

13 tokens…only squire rabbit :confused:

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5 tokens:

  • Bane
  • Brienne
  • Kailani
  • Balthazar
  • Horghall

Horghall being the only note-able one I got. I know he’s not the greatest 5 star but I’m happy nonetheless, I consider this a success :slight_smile: And I can make him work… maybe in my future 5 star defense team I’ll have him flank a Mitsuko tank, even though he’s slow I think it could work:

Red Hood | Khiona | Mitsuko | Horghall | some blue sniper I hope

I’m also glad for the duplicate Bane and Balthazar tbh, they’ll be useful in future rare raid tournaments, and they’re also good in rare tier event quests. Although I would’ve also liked the Squire Wabbit for the same reason :smiley: there’s still time though.


I’ve used 4 tokens so far and got Jack and three 3 :star:


First Jacky O, two more Wu, first Gormek, three more Scarletts, dupes of Cyprian, Boril and Sabina plus a few rares. Not that bad using 18 tokens. Sadly no HotM, which I was hoping for.


14 EHT


rest 3*


2 tokens = 2 rabbits (3 & 4*)


10 EHT

Hu Tao (duplicate)
Colen (duplicate)
Jack O’Hare on 10th pull… :rabbit:

No Squire Wabbit :cry:

Of all the rabbits… I want the 3*…

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I had 2 tokens saved and got Bane and Sonya dupes but then I got another token from my Titan chest this morning so went back and used that- Master Lupus hopped out!! Wooohoooo!!! The only non tc20 4* or better heroes I had were Triton and Hatter so I’m extatic right now! Got a cape from the Titan itself and an orb from mystic vision too, not to mention some emblems from the Titan chest so quite a morning. I should go buy a lotto ticket.


16 EHT, didn’t pull :laughing:

Red 3* rabbit not as good as Namahage, already have 3x Namahage at 3/50

Green 4* rabbit wouldn’t be bad, but no need for another AoE hero in green :roll_eyes:

Blue 5* rabbit would be quite okay, but the chance to get him is too tiny and other event 5* heroes (Yunan, Rana, X-mas 5*s, even Victor) are considerably better I think

I rather wait for the Sand Empire and have 20+ tries there. Also, there might be a 5* Wu Kong HoTM in June :wink: (depending on what Ranvir’s final version is going to look like)

Had 17 tokens to pull…first one Melandor…second one MasterLepus…over for me , saved 15 tokens for another time :slight_smile:


7 EHT and got Sonja and Chao and 3* star heroes. I’m happy with Chao, he’s the yellow 4 star I wanted to have. Sadly no bunnies, but I think I will save the other 3 EHT for Sand Empire

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I’m not super excited about the Bunnies, but I’ve had 32 EHTs staring at me since Christmas, so in a weak moment I broke down today and decided to do 5 pulls hoping maybe I’d get lucky. (1) Squire, (2) Jack, (3) Friar Tuck, (4) Squire, (5) Kailani. So nothing crazy great, and no HOTM, but 3 event heroes out of 5 is pretty unexpected.

I’m still not sure I love their specials, but they hit like a tank. Maybe these Squires will be a good fit with Gunnar and Jack could fit into a green stack with Evelyn if I can keep him alive that long.


Did one pull with an eht. Tyrum which was fed to Panther since I already had two or three. Don’t remember.

Used 22 of my tokens

  • Squire Wabbit (x2)
  • Jack O’Hare
  • Master Lepus (x2)

Yeah, I got two Lepus before I even got one Jack… lol
Thankfully, now I can save all of my remaining (7) EHT, and the rest of the tokens I acquire, for the summer event :blush:


DAWA! , ill have to use that more often :slight_smile:

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Good positive attitude :smiley:

Lucky getting panther :smile:

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2x pull…
Grimm (new, exited… well, so Ramming Pulverizer is completed)
Wu Kong (new, exited!)

No Sessional hero, but not bad.

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