Springvale Summons 2019 what did you get?

12 pulls. No rabbits or 5*. 6 x 4* makes me happy

2 Wukong
1 Rigard (finally)


Congrats on the pile of 4* :slight_smile:

Had 13 EHT saved up. Got Wu Kong finally, Jack O’Hare and Anzogh! Also Hu Tao, Boldtusk, Colen and Boril dupes.

Pretty happy with those from tokens.

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Friar Tuck! :star_struck:


1 pull so far: Kelile - the xxxx. red, I think I stop pulling heroes :smiley:


5x season 1 3* food
Hero of the day is… Isshtak!


Had 14 tokens, got wabbit, jack and anzogh. Total 12 3*, 2 4* and bonus pull. Obviously happy with the bonus and Jack but as a f2p, just After spending 3000 gems on guardians and getting 11 3*, i do think these 25 loooooong awaited summons to get 23 3* are underwhelming at best…


10 Pulls.

But a bit of perspective.
I have only one 5*, Magni, not maxed already.
I’ve been using Cyprian as tank since i got him, about 4 months ago. I’m cheap to play, but only bought three months of VIP, and nowadays not even that, so it’s him or rigard the only 4* that i can put in that position.

Yesterday i got my first 4* duplicate. Cyprian. umph. Only have a hanful of them, and already duplicates? ok, it’s the odds…
Today on my second pull of the series, another Cyprian.
Later a Colen. (didn’t have, and no 4* red waiting to ascend so very nice)
And later a Jack o H’are.
A few more summons, and got another Cyprian.

Maybe i shouldn’t have said on the beta recruiting questions that Cyprian is one of the heroes that needed a buff.

But in overall it’s not that bad.
Not great, as no 5*, but at least i got one that i can’t get on TC20 and Colen.

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Mentioned it elsewhere, but to collect it here:

7 pulls. Tiburtus and Justice. 5 dupe 3-stars. Including Renfield, who isn’t a dupe, because I have never bothered to level him, but feed him away immediately. Pretty happy, because I’ve been aching for a new purple to work on leveling, and Tiburtus is probably the best fit from the classic heroes.

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3 EHT → Gunnar, Jahangir and Sabina.

Could be worse…

2x EHT,…
Boril (new, not so exited because I have Cyprian the same skill, but I do not *4 blue except Agwe).
Carver (dup)

I was hope Boldtusk or Sabina or Wu Kong or Lepus… but not bad for now.

Two EHT pulls, Kelile ( the fifth so far) and Melendor ( a dup) after waiting so long for the first Melendor, I felt okay with the dup.

Now to what advantage is those bunnies’ undspellable -20% defence? Seems more like Danzaburo 's freeze.

11 tokens.
Squire rabbit
Jack Ohare
Some duplicate fours and threes.

Will put Jack in a stack with Evelyn and co. Should be fun

9 pulls…nothing of use for me (only 3* and 4* I already got).

One token that I had saved for a while. Jagged me Lepus! Now I just need a crapload of scopes!


Used my 5 tokens, got Jack O Hare

Used two tokens. Dupe Li Xiu and a three star

3 tokens I got Bane Scarlet and Rigard+Anzogh

Did one pull with a free token. This is my second 5 star


I did 4 pulls from tokens. 2 squire rabbits, 1 sonya, and guess what? DAWA! :star_struck::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: