Springvale or S3? Reuben?

Thank you @Ranvir! How do you find Reuben? Have you given him emblems? Where do you use him?

I can see myself considering Reuben later this year. :rofl:

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He is part of my second red team in AW against green tanks. Paired with Boldtusk and Wilbur, he can shine and bring more survivability to your team with his minions.
But alone he is quite underwhelming.
Unfortunately I don’t have much cleric emblems for him. I am keeping them for Mother North.


I was thinking I could use Reuben for a second red team in AW too! :rofl:

There are so many great cleric heroes, I definitely understand why Reuben may not get many emblems. Yay for MN! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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