Springvale or Guardians of Teltoc


I am reading different information from my E&P sources. I see in the wiki, that it is expected Springvale to come this week’s Thursday, but at the same time I see there is information that Guardians of Teltoc will come on 11th of April. My question is which of the two will come, or will they both.

P.S. I am playing from no more than 3 months and haven’t participated in the seasonal special events. Not sure if they are counting in the Challenging Event cycle or not.

They’ll both show up. They’re different types of events.


as a side note, now’s a good time to save up on your gems and hero tokens. You can use epic tokens on the seasonal summon. But you can only use gems on the event summon. So save all those tokens you get for the seasonal summon and do your best to ignore the red pop-up.


Teltoc , the next monthly challenge event, is a great time to so some summoning. The two event 4* heroes, Guardian Jackal and Guardian Falcon, are the only heroes in the game with their elemental debuffs (Jackal making the target more vulnerable to holy attacks, Falcon, to fire). High odds to get very valuable heroes.

OTOH, I think Frida is a much better HotM than Anzogh, HotM for April.

Regarding the seasonal events, i am indeed saving all my epic hero tokens—for the summer event. Unless there’s some big change in the spring heroes, I would rather own Rana or Yunan than Master Lepus.


Would you consider this a function of your 5* blue snipers already being plentiful, or an unqualified opinion for anyone looking to draw?

It’s because of my particular bench. I have enough five-* blue snipers (Magni, Alasie, Arthur) and have other plans for my next sets of telescopes (Ariel, Aegir).

Lepus is one of the most powerful snipers in the game. The fact the he adds a non-dispelable -defense on himself is a little painful, but not critical. He’s particularly good next to Aeron, who prevents that -defense from attaching.

I’m also a big fan of the summer heroes, so that weighs in the balance, too.


Guardian Falcon

Guardian Falcon is the only 3 target Elemental defense debuff that is 4*. Bonus one of the best Paladins due to 5* red HotM level defense stat would take to 4*+20 .

Guardian Jackal

Even dead, Guardian Jackal does 5* yellow HoTM Damage when matching/ tile so awesome for color stacking. Rogue Jackal is very good since super glassy glass cannon helped by Evade.

Would level 2x Jackals.


The self cleanse on the Summer heroes is very nice.

Anti-healing also helps versus Field Aid (WR).

Hopefully the rabbits get an upgrade when they get “skins” ( Class heroes get skins first).


It also rocks for the Class Trials, where it reduces the total damage demand on many of the the final fights.

Also, it’s not nice to talk about skinning bunnies!


Yeah, gotta make sure to boil the bunnies instead :wink:

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I don’t have constructive feedback.

The bunnies are stupid.
The Guardians are awesome.

Th bunnies are not stupid. They are very useful when used with some core heroes. I would not recommend them for a new player. They are good supporting heroes on attack but none are must haves.

Guardians, one could say that they are must have heroes with the exception of guardian owl and Kong. The 4* heroes falcon and jackal are the only elemental shield downs for those elements. That is huge for titans and events.

I would recommend focussing on the guardians summons if you do not have them.