Springvale Emjoi Extravaganza! 🎉

Ok giving out 5 emjois for people to get the chance to have on there personal profile on the fourm …
Rules are quite simple post the emjoi you like the most and give a reason why (20 characters)
You can only post for ONE emjoi soo choose wisely. Dont reply to folk aswell that be awesome …

Discobot will find the winners too …

Example @Dudeious.Maximus :rabbit: I like to… like a bunny (also keep it clean and respectful)

so the emjoi are…
There will be a bonus emjoi too for best comment on why would like said emjoi … what that is is undiced… depends on the poster I may chuck a dragon to some folk too… :green_heart:
Winners can have the chance for the bonus emjoi too :clap:

Threads you should check…



I would like the fried egg emoji as eggs go well with dairy. That said, I don’t like fried eggs and the smell nauseates me. So maybe I don’t want that.

I would like the sheep emoji as it’s a fellow cuddly animal. That said, people already confuse me with a sheep. So maybe I don’t want that.

I would like the rabbit emoji as it has big, long ears. That said, I don’t have that characteristic so it would be confusing. So maybe I don’t want that.

I would like the chick emoji as I like chicks. And I can’t think of anything contrary to this choice. So there’s my want. And if discobot doesn’t give it to me, I may throw a fit and claim it myself!


I would love the :ram: cause I ordered the wrong kind for my pc and I herd you need more :ram: for gaming and of course cause I love :ram:-en



I would love to have a rooster :rooster: because then all I need to do is find another partner (was gonna say chick for the pun, but that sounds real pedo so nope :rofl:) and I can have my very own :fried_egg: and chicks :hatching_chick:

and I’m also born in the year of the rooster! :grinning:


If it’s not too much to ask as for the bonus, can I get a :t_rex: and/or :sauropod: please? would really love :green_heart: them dinosaurs (and hopefully roosters!) to roam around the forum with me.


I love eggs. Fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, deviled, mixed with sausage or bacon, eaten with gravy over it; in cakes, pudding, eggnog, cookies, cheese danish, potato fritters, breakfast borrito, breakfast pizza, ice cream, mayo egg sandwiches, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham salad, tapioca, salad, egg rolls, egg drop soup, That’s all I can think of right now.

I also wanted to be like Gaston in the sense of eating 5 dozen eggs a day.


I would like a :rooster: as the dragons in my title are hungry and they afraid to eat the two :cow: as they are protected by @littleKAF


That looks almost exactly like Bugs Bunny and now I must have it.

Bugs was a good part of my childhood. I watched a lot of these blue box VHS tapes.

I also relate to the Seinfeld quote:

JERRY: (Singing) Camera, curtains, lights - This is it, we’ll hit the
heights - Oh what heights we’ll hit - On with the show this is it!
ELAINE: You know, it is so sad, all your knowledge of high culture comes
from bugs bunny cartoons.



I would like a sheep because…

this one time me and my mates got really sozzled and wandered into a pasture…wait wait wait…wrong story and I don’t feel like going to jail…ahem!

I would like the sheep because as a a lovable goat I need a sheep to lead around, without it my life will be incomplete…



I would like to take the :rooster:. It reminds me of the old name of our current alliance leader. He had to change it because it contained a different name for rooster that didn’t follow the rules. :smirk:


So I can say you flipped me a tiny bird


I would like a bunny please, as

  1. I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, and based on the superstitious way in which I was raised, this has dictated all my personality traits, preferences, chances for success, amount of luck, and friendship/relationship compatibility with everyone I will ever meet through my entire life

  2. My first pet was a rabbit - yes, I skipped the goldfish, houseplant and pet rock stages and went directly to having a mammal for my first pet

  3. I am a big fan of Bugs Bunny, and have often fantasized about punishing my enemies with falling anvils, non-lethal dynamite sticks and mallets that appear out of nowhere

  4. My fiance giggles like a little boy whenever I do the bunny (move my nose like a bunny). It worked on my ex too, but alas he found another guy who could do it cuter

  5. My fiance and I are too lazy and irresponsible to take care of a real bunny, so a virtual one will do

  6. Master Lepus was like the 5th 5* I ever got, and one of the first 3 I ascended… and he is still a major powerhouse on my team

  7. One of my first posts on this forum was a Ridiculous Complaint about how Lepus was so tiny. In honor of that, I would please like a bunny

  8. My in-game avatar for the longest time was Jack O’Hare (my ally mate @Duaneski has the same because he has good taste)

  9. I also made another Ridiculous Complaint about how Jack O’Hare is so devilishly debonair, which confused the heck out of me, and made me do some soul-searching

  10. Jack O’Hare was like the 7th 4* I received and maxed, and he was critical too in those early game days…

  11. If I don’t get a bunny, @Yomagn-tho may burn this place down, then we will not have a forum (although, if we are lucky @Yomagn-tho will be indecisive about whose bunny-emoji-wanting to support, so maybe no burning will be done!)

  12. I have Lepus, Jack and Squire Wabbit, but NOT Killhare… to complete my set of 4 bunnies, I will not be greedy and hope for Killhare… instead, I will just hope for a bunny emoji!

(and I swear I wrote all of this before reading anyone else’s entries, I see I have some similar reasons as others who also have very good taste! hey there @Ruskin505 @Yomagn-tho - also a Bugs Bunny fan!)


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I would love a ram because he’s my star sign and hopefully he can ram up my luck lol


For the safety of everyone here, I think it’s best if I get the :rabbit:

Why? Because that is no ordinary rabbit. No. It is in fact the killer rabbit of Caerbannog!

What’s that you ask?

That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! That rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer!

But do not fear. I am well versed in its deviously murderous ways and I intend to taunt it, so that It may become so cross that it will make a mistake and can be captured.



[squeak squeak squeak]

Run away! Run away!


I would like the :sheep: because… well … lets face it people… in the end I’m really just another hero chasing, portal cursing, finger crossing sheeple!


Oh my decisions decisions
If I can’t have a unicorn for my granddaughter then can I go for this
Because I love eggs
Because it’s Easter and I love chocolate eggs
Because I love chicks
And well just because …. I would like it too


I would like the :sheep: as I feel like I’m ramming my head into a brick wall the majority of the time


A bunny! I want a :rabbit:
I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this story before, but here’s it goes.
I’m gonna post part 1 today, will continue tomorrow with the rest.

Once upon a time, there was a land called Rabbitia. It was a land painted with green, amber and brown hills, rich with grass, fat with nectar and honey. Purple hyacinths and yellow daffodils, pearly white lily-of-the-valleys and snow-colored daisies with violets and snowdrops, mixing all in a spring scented perfume. It spanned far and wide, or at least, far and wide from the perspective of citizens of Rabbitia, which is to say, not that far and wide, for most of creatures of Rabbitia were small and furry. Bipedal, mind you, they don’t like being confused with ordinary rabbits, thank you very much. They are called Furries.
Furries have been living, prospering and enriching Rabbitia since everyone can remember! A long period considering most of Furries don’t really have a great memory, except for the recipe for the best mead, gloried across the whole continent. There’s a legend about one Furry who had pink highlights in his fur, who has made such a mead, so gloriously delicious, that it made a princess with the most captivating lilac eyes fall in love with him! Evil tongues would say she was drunk on mead, but us, more romantic ones, would say she was drunk on love, but this is not the time to tell that story.
Furries, as small as they are, have not been known as brave warriors, nor as elaborate thinkers, no. Even though there are stories about one valiant Furry who defeated their arch enemy, the Flying Squirrel, always clothed in green garbs, with a pink bow tie, to honor the memory of the mead-making Furry. Their strength lies in ties with mother Earth. In listening to the songs of underground tunnels, basking in the smell of freshly dug soil. Spending the days just minding the ways of greens on hills, chattering with trees and spending sunny days playing in the meadow. For all Furries share a love of things that grow.

Part 2 here:


:dragon: RUUUUAAARR worms! Choose an animal !! :rabbit::ram::hatching_chick::rooster: :fried_egg:
RRRUUUAAARR! If you’re funny or what ever, I may not eat you alive or maybe I even give you some treasure… who could possibly tell?!?!

Ok guys… this is serious, what do we choose ?

I could use some chicks for some awesome chick bombs!

…what’s wrong with you? no chick bombs allowed. Next!

We should go for the :fried_egg:, I already brought cutlery.

That’s no animal, choose an animal.

Gimmmme some bunnyyyyys! For dinner !

SILENCE PUNK! Remember that :cow2: , dem Ninjas don’t eat dem cows and also don’t eat dem bunnys… we’re vegetarians now, neeext!

How about some nice little chicken for dinner?

Oh lord …. Gimme the strength to not strike ’em down…

well how about some puffy little sheep?

Don’t tell me for eating….

For counting them :relaxed:
:ninja:t3: need some restful sleep. So we could just count them when it’s bedtime :grinning:

So, I guess dear @Dudeious.Maximus I’d like a :ram: because the rest would get eaten by dem :ninja:t3: which would let the new emoji disappear again, which would make no sense in the first place.
Thank you byyyye :yellow_heart:


I think the :rabbit: belongs to me :turtle:

Hare and tortoise

Tortoise and hare

They are inseparable :green_heart:

Race for life