Springvale: create gem with egg(s) doesn't heal

When you combine 5 of the same color on the board and it creates a gem, any eggs that were in the group of 5 DO NOT give you healing, but they should.

Fyi, this is on the advanced levels. Started with those first so don’t know if happening on standard and easy.

Kinda confused on what your trying to explain?

You destroyed the eggs so they don’t hurt you

The eggs don’t work like the runic stones in Season 3.
If their timer runs out they will damage your entire team

I am not sure I noticed any issues but maybe I wasn’t paying that much attention to it but I am sure I’ve created bunch of diamonds using eggs. But I haven’t play much in advanced yet.

If you managed to record it it’d help a lot.

but if you destroy them before the counter reachs 0 they heal your team. the healing increased as the counter decreased.

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