Springvale advanced stage 15... Monk emblems

Why is there no monk emblems reward in the springvale event

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My guess? Economics. If there isn’t anything new to pull (costumes of the old heroes) in the old portals summons on those portals drop. SG makes better return on having people summon at multiple portals for a chance at one or two costumes they need than having those same people only pull at the costume chamber. It would definitely be nice though.

The topic’s title is not matches with the first post.
Can you adjust ?

About Monk emblems:
Last time Advanced 15 contained Monk emblems:

Now we see this:

This is notified by another player too:

I am unsure if this is a visual problem or not.
I am asking Staff for clarification.

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It is a visual issue, Emblems are there - just not shown in the preview.


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