Springvale 2022: Better HOTM Poll

Now that the Springvale dates have been announced we know that the event will take place over two months.

So if you’re summoning for one HOTM, which one do you target? Zagrog or Silvaria

  • Zagrog
  • Silvaria

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We don’t have a live version of Silvaria so she is subject to change.
This question is very much roster dependent, but I imagine it’s a common question.
I did not include a “split summons 50-50 option” to hone in on which HOTM is better.


I get every HOTM, so for me it’s a matter of what happens before the event. I need to pull for Marcel who’s the final 4* in the game I don’t have so if I pull the March HOTM there then I’ll hold my EHT for April. If not then they’ll go in March.


Some time ago I thought about a hero, which will have priority def down, and I thought that they will not make one, because it will be too STRRRROOOONG.

Then, they came up with Silvaria. Which definitely isn’t too strong. I need some firepower for both colours, nonetheless I lean towards Zagrog. These weak minions of Silvaria I consider as a liability instead of help, especially after Skadi being present in the Soul Exchange. Zagrog on the other hand, I can even consider putting in my def team.


I voted zagrog.
So I will try the portal this month and of course if I get him I will stop and also try for silvaria but if not I will use all coins this month.

Zagrog should pair really well with my Marjana c. Both hit 3 really strong and with the element def down from Marjana their should be a lot of damage.

On the other hand I’m not really sure how I could fit in silvaria. Green def down is not that common, but I also don’t really need it. For titans I will still use brienne c.
For pvp she is a sniper with def down. If I want a sniper I probably prefer Kingston or no sniper at all. The minions are really weak. Only the passive minion reads great.

So I would probably still level her, I have around 20 tonics and nothing better in green, but if I have to choose I will try to get zagrog.


You still don’t have Marcel? He’s one of the best 4*s

Are they done releasing new heroes for the Seasonal events? No chance they have new Springvale heroes? I could really use another 5* red…have 9 EHT saved as of now, so hopefully I pull Zagrog.

Well I’ve tried to get him and he hasn’t come it’s not like I chose not to have him lol

Defense down is king in this game. Silveria is easily the better hero here IMO.


Wait, Springvale’s starting late March?

What about francine ???

Francine is neither a HOTM nor a Springvale hero


thanks. I checked the calendar again after I wrote the reply.

I got Zagrog early… so will hold all 50+ tokens for next HOTM…

We were talking about low defense so Francine with costume does more than the hotm :thinking:

Saving my coins and gems for Silvaria. I really need more nature heroes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agreed, but I have Frigg for green defense down and I need red hitters. Would it change your mind?

Frigg is fast, but she needs 9 green tiles on the board to reach Silvaria’s -34% defense down.

Then you have Zagrog’s stupid resistance to attack buffs and the fact that average speed is a bit weird nowadays for a hero who’s essentially just a damage dealer. I’m kind of torn here.