🐰 Springvale 2019: Squire Wabbit – Thoughts & Discussion

I used 5 EHT and got 2 Squires and a Jack - so definitely happy to read the thoughts on here. He’s clearly a hard hitter, and since I have a couple of Gatos I could protect him if needed.


Jealous. I used 5 tokens I’d been saving and wound up with 5 regular 3 star heroes. I know that’s not that crazy, but I’m still jealous haha. I had much better luck during the challenge event

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I ended up deciding to try a few more tokens and got regular 3* too. RNG is fickle. :man_shrugging:

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I used 7 eht and got a marjana, squire wabbit and a HoTM.
Grandson used 3 eht and got master lepus

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It was better before.

Now with Rudolph and Namahage, people don’t really need him.

My question is with pairing on my event/tournament 3* team…currently have 1 Rudolph and 4 Namahahahahaga. I need to figure out how many, if any, Wabbits to put on the team. I would like to do at least one to maximize the different emblem classes…as we saw from last Raid tournament most high ranking teams were between lvl 17 and max for emblems. I almost feel like 5 Wabbits would be better in the competitive Challenge Event Meta and 1 Wabbit with 1 Rudolph and 1 Namahahahahahahaga would be an ideal 3:2 pairing for Raid Tournament offense. I am posting a comparision of the 3 from www.enphero.com courtesy of @Razor

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I think for the most part Wabbit is going to be the best option for a competitive run red stack. He’s got the highest attack stat, and hits the hardest with his special, so you’ll be able to clear stages faster.

In this post upthread I quoted a few places that @Wharflord has provided helpful insights on this too: 🐰 Springvale 2019: Squire Wabbit – Thoughts & Discussion

But Namahage is excellent too, as is Rudolph. I think the idea of swapping in 2-3 Wabbits to distribute Emblem classes so you can level the heroes more is a smart one.

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Sometimes things do go the way you want in this game!
Last orb to fully ascend my Joon for $2 and the Red Ranger I really wanted with the gems that came with the Orb!


I want to change my votes in this thread’s polls now that I have read the entire thread and freshly OWN the Wabbit!!!:rofl::heart_eyes:

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My name is Squire Wabbit, King of Kings;
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!


If you click the “hide results” button you can update your vote. :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s nice right there

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is the red bunny worrh aculltt the time and ress to levle up
i want thoughts and opionions
for red im doing a few should i do bunny now or keep bunny on hold for 3 star events and 3 star raids ,

Two Fire Wabbits and three Wabbiteers…

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