Spring vale exploding egg bug

Spring ale event has major bug with egg damage. Damage from exploding eggs is the same on all modes…200 damage to fully levelled 5* hero’s on all modes

Yes; my understanding is that the eggs do a % damage to your heroes. The % being a percentage of the hero health.

Thus the damage will be the same from the eggs on all stages of you’re taking the same heroes.

I have queried it with staff just in case but…


Yes and each mode is a different percentage of hero health. Its working correctly for several members of my alliance including my wife however it is glitching on mine and causing severe damage on easy mode

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I noticed that i was taking massive damage on easy mode, thought it seemed a bit odd that my 5*s were taking so much of a hit to their hp

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This seems wrong. Playing a 2400TP stage with fully levelled 5* heroes and 4* troops, and at the end of the first wave I had 400HP left. Sure the board was quite unfriendly but if that’s the way it goes it seems stupid.

Even if you pop a 1 egg strategically it gives you less hp than the explosive ones take. Like approx 150 vs 200. Is this a screw up, or working as intended?

Either way, it seems like this is incorrect

The lower the countdown, the more HP the egg heals :slight_smile:

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Agreed. My experience has been that a matched egg at 1 heals more than a hatched egg deals in damage.

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Yes, I know that and was trying to say that with the “1” egg comment but perhaps wasn’t clear enough

3 seems to be about 50 hp, 2 about 90, 1 about 140, and then exploding is about -200 hp

Maybe it was just one really crappy board, it just seemed a bit too brutal

If it is “working as intended” then fair enough

I believe so; As i said, I passed it along to the Staff but they haven’t responded yet.

F.w.i.w my “healing” numbers are a little higher than that…
3 = ~90, 2 = ~140 & 1 = ~200

But then I haven’t actually been paying much attention… just been letting it AutoPlay

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Thanks Guv, perhaps I will pay more attention too, there could be some confirmation bias here in terms of my perception of the numbers; will advise if I get some different data

My previous numbers are about where it is at for me FYI @Guvnor

I’m cool with it if it is what is intended, it’s just easy to get egg screwed, which just adds another random element. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like the mechanic…

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Yeah I had a proper look & the numbers look to be about what you were saying.


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