Spring Special Event - Deal of the day!

Why have a Qty marker if you’re not going to allow more than one purchase ?
Either get rid of the qty or allow us to purchase more than one offer. Maybe 2 or 3 ??? Wink ! Wink !

I would have to agree. Some would be worth purchasing a couple of times.

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The winter calendar did allow us to purchase one of the items up to 5 times. Perhaps the qty marker is there for an offer not yet revealed?

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Really…I don’t recall much from that event. Maybe it only applies to certain offers, not all…hmm

Sounds like redundant code to me.

They do offer many things that can be purchased multiple times, for example the gem pack for events. My guess it is just to keep it simple and consistent.

@sleeperZ96BT @Zizzzzy

It is redundant though. Just seems like such a simple trigger to either show or not to show the option for quantity. Otherwise it can be confusing, i.e. I keep thinking I may be able to order a second item, etc…

It’s such a trivial thing though. I’m just curious if this is any indication of how the rest of the game is developed. Which based on all of the inconsistencies, I’d say most likely…Just a bunch of little caveats here and there…

My guess is they that they have a proven, stable “sell items” code module that they use for all offers. Some offers allow quantities > 1, so it just does it thing as programmed even for Q=1.