Spring gift

I was expecting something a bit better.
Come on. :’(


2 star and 1 star craftable items. I haven’t accepted the offer they gave me. I’m kinda waiting for it to change. :joy:


I crafted these in my 3 Forges… Just to say I did.

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It’s better than you get for free on most days. . . which is nothing.

Yeah its crap, but I’ve learned to take what I’m given.


I just left it there to rot, I sill hope this is a bad april`s fools joke.


Sadly wasn’t expecting nothing more.

Sometimes it’s really better not offer anything instead.
It’s more classy.


Is this offer serious then? I thought it was an April-fools-day joke.


Not even a daily summon was pathetic :cry:


I still hope,this is an april joke


Unfortunately, it’s probably not a joke, it just shows the relationship of game developers to players :frowning:


For an april’s fool the “gift” is actually too good … it’s such a shame.

I hardly know how to respond.



I will be accepting the offer now.

I’ll just think of this as an April Fools joke since it did land on this day and expect something significantly better on the next free offer. :wink:

I’m ok with the gift but it’s embarrassing for SG.

This equates to: 25950 food
5 crude iron
5 strings
5 oil
5 clean cloth
5 common herb
5 crypt mushroom
5 crystal shard

not really that impressive but better then a stick in the eye


I expected it to be an epic token containing one of the bunnies…i was like… what are these! They should have just gave us rare ascension materials instead of battle items.

We all know the game is super cheap to us players but we are still here, so no point in constantly complaining. Personally I wasn’t hoping for anything great, but not the cheapest of the cheap stuff. Well at least the hp pot isn’t minor healing, so that is something.


Usually calendar gifts becomes better.
And it’s still better than nothing.


These would be pretty nice gifts for players who have just started and have no access to crafting yet.


I agree with @Elpis here. It’s not the matter of looking into a gifted horse’s mouth, it’s the matter of players waiting eagerly for the announced free gift day and then getting this.

If a horse you got was completely useless to you then what good of a gift is that? If someone gives me a cheap pencil for my birthday am I supposed to be happy just cause it was free? :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, it’s a working pencil, but I really don’t need it, I have a full drawer of those. I’m not going to pretend I’m happy when it’s clear the person didn’t give a crap about what I need and just gave me whatever to say they’ve gifted me.

If it was a random event on a random day with a message “hey thanks for playing” then sure, it’s a pat on the back, a gesture, nothing more like saying “thanks”. Same as if someone approached me randomly and gave me a cheap pencil, just cause they felt like it. That’s nice, whether I need it or not.

When it’s surrounded by valuable offers that require money and highlighted as something free to look for for the players who can’t afford to pay, I totally get why it feels like a slap in the face.

Winter calendar was the same and it doesn’t leave a good taste. And I think it’s fair for people to say so (and for other complaints).

If everyone was complacent and happy about every scrap they get the world (and many other services/games/whatever) would be standing in place.

SG is a business, a business has to make money and keep their customers happy. They’re not doing us any favors by graciously allowing us to play their game and hence deserving our undying gratitude lol. Most of us pay, at least a bit, and it’s fair to be disappointed about things.

Those that don’t pay, leave reviews, add to player count, fill up the player base and communities. Keep the game bursting with life. That’s vital for a game like this and all those people could be playing another game - they don’t, so showing them appreciation isn’t a bad thing to do either. Gods know there’s plenty to choose from and we only have so much free time.

That’s why I always roll my eyes when someone whines about people whining. It’s a two way street. SG wants to make money, players want to have fun and feel good about choosing this game out of the thousands of others. It’s not fair to expect them to worship every decision the devs make like it’s an act of benevolence.

Sorry :grin: Guess I’m in a ranty mood today, I shall proceed to stfu.