Spring Event- Normal or Advanced?

Hi Does anyone know the criteria between Normal and Advanced? What Team Power is needed for Advanced and is the lost better in Advanced?

You can do both click one and you see all the criteria and rewards. Then go out and back in and you can see and do the other one.


I am actually very excited about the Normal stage, rewards are quire decent and the levels are not that hard (for someone with not fully established strong team). Advanced has nice loot but I probably won’t get past the first two or three levels :sweat_smile:

You can also do both and go between them as you see fit

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Team strengh can really be tricky.

Give it a try before giving up :wink:

Exactly - the right item and hero mix can help you take down levels 500 points higher than your team power.

the last level is hard bring healers


Yeah I learnt that the hard way some time ago, team power doesn’t mean THAT much. The key is having a well balanced team. My problem is that I’m always aaaaaalways low on ham, have a few great 4* and 5* heroes but can’t level them up bc I don’t have enough ham for training & then leveling. A baby 5* (first tier & level) is not as good as a fully leveled & ascended 3*.

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