Spring calendar

So a friend of mine has the offer today for 8.99 and the offer for me is 9.99 same country I’m android she is iPhone. Is that the reason?


On my Android the price for same offer is 10.99 Euro - equals 13,55 USD!

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I heard once the prices of itunes store and google were different. As for different countries, different taxes and exchage affect the price

weird usually iphone cost more. maybe it’s the state she’s in? better tax differences

conspiracy time did either of u buy the first deal and the other did not?

Sorry, i little speak english but I`m from Poland.
Damascus Blade + 1000 games = 47,99 zł - 14,1 $ !!!
10k games 479,99 zł 141 $ !!!
Many people’s work 3 $ per hours. You must be rich in buy shop

It’s the lower price for me and I didn’t buy the first one.

I bought both deals. Our state tax difference is half a percent so I don’t think that would make the difference

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