Spring Calendar tracking?

I know it’s late, but wondering if anyone has been tracking the offers?

Specifically looking for a hidden blade, which I’m 99% sure hasnt been offered, and a poison dart which I think may have been already.

We’ve already had:

4*:: Damascus Blade, Tome of Tactics, Mystic Rings, Mysterious Tonic
3*: Orb of Magic, Trap Tools, Warm Cape
Other: Epic Hero Token, Alliance Flask

Neither a Hidden Blade nor a Poison Dart has been offered yet, but there aren’t enough days left for all the mats to be offered. I’m hoping they omit Compass and Fine Gloves, but we don’t know yet. I’m also looking for a dart since I have 5 and just got Joon from TC20 this morning.


I also hope they will omit sturdy shield too as it is offered as one of the springavale prizes?

Pretty sure you’ll be getting your dart very soon from rare quest if not the spring calendar. :wink:

I hope you are correct! I need two poison darts to ascend Delilah for the final time, lol.

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Yeah this week’s rare quest will be Shiloh Desert offering orb and darts. Should come between tomorrow and Monday.

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Thanks everyone, I hadn’t even considered Shiloh Desert! @Wharflord you’re the man

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And then I think that Knights is supposed to start next Thursday, but I can’t remember what rare mats came with that for completion bonuses.

Unless they changed it, and they certainly should have IMO, the only unfarmable completion bonus for Avalon is a sturdy shield for the advanced stage.
In terms of gain for effort, there were a number of people posting that they just wouldn’t bother, especially since Avalon also seemed to have a difficulty boost over the other events. The difficulty has been adjusted downwards according to the update notes, but no word on the rewards.

I remember being worse than Guardians but not that bad (only a shield for advanced). I finished intermediate too and certainly wouldn’t bother if there weren’t nonfarmable ascension mats

They lowered the difficulty of the bosses in the Avalon event, but increased the difficulty of the standard enemies in all events.

Wasn’t it gloves and compass for intermediate, and a shield, scabbard and chainmail for advanced, or something along those lines

Poison darts dropped today in spring calender

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Yeah might have been… I don’t recall anyway

Yeah I got mine yesterday. For some reason my calendar is a day a head so today 4/7 is showing me 4/8

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