Spreadsheet of item locations by Stages UPDATED TO GOOGLE SHEETS



Not sure if anyone has done this, apologies if it’s a repeat.
I have only just started playing and discovered immediately that a key part of the game is locating resources to progress.

So, after I complete a level, I note down all the items collected. When I redo the level, I update the list. After a few passes, it’s clearer to see the items which occur more regularly on each level. I have found it useful so far. It is in an excel spreadsheet.

It also shows harvesting from the ‘winged’ icon levels gathers more items.

It’s on One Drive, maybe it will be of use to some of you.




Good work! Thanks for the Info!

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Thank you kindly @MaralynManson

This is book marked.

@Rook. Is it possible to get this into beginners guide?


Hi, welcome to the forum.

This is really cool. Thank you for sharing this.

For a quick and dirty version, just click on the graphic icon for ANY ingredient or ascension item:

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I’m notifying @Coppersky who helms the famous Compendium. If there isn’t room for this there, surely another beginner guide will latch on to it! :slight_smile:


having a hard time looking at it on my phone which is all i use. is there anyway to look at this on the sheets app @MaralynManson

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This is delightful! Well organized, easy to read - looks great!

Thank you for taking the time to put this together!



Hi Rigs,
you should be able to open it with excel online. There used to be a viewer but I don’t think is is required any more.



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I have also just started to include the number of recruits gained, ham, iron and XP. I have heard that 8-7 is the recruit stage. I found 12-9 offers the same number but 500 more XP and more chance of better loot. I will keep updating this, but probably not the very early levels.

If anyone would like to help to build it up, I would like to add the ham, iron, xp, recruits for every stage. Perhaps you could reply to this thread with any figures?




Looks like this is a great resource, but I can’t open it :sob:

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I can’t access it either, says the file is too big for the online version of Excel.

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Thanks for the feed back.
I have converted it to Google sheets.
Not as pretty without the images, but still does the job. I may put the images back in as I find it easier to navigate with images.



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Thanks for the feedback.

Wow, lots of info in there!

I found that once you go over a stage too many times, the odds of finding most items increase to the point that it looks like all items may be found in one stage. Hence the reason I stop collecting data on a farm once it begins to have multiple items found multiple times. I was searching for the most likely occurrences of items. If you play a single stage long enough, you will find all items.

I also wanted a sheet easy to read at a glance.

I added the xp and flag details after finding players farm 8-7 for recruits. I farm 12-9 as you gain more xp for your flags and the same recruits and better loot. So I have just started to add that data to compare levels.

The sheet is far from perfect. You are quite right. I have been playing for 2 months, so you probably have farmed a great deal more than myself. But I like to farm efficiently utilizing the flags effectively.

Like you, I created the sheet for myself but thought I would share it incase others found it useful. I did look before I created this but couldn’t find any others except one which I found a little difficult to read at a glance.



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OK, @Pois1

I get it. Your spread sheet is the best I have ever seen, It surpasses all others. Is the easiest to read. Shows the most accurate information. Looks the prettiest. And should be referred to as the E and P Bible.

Troops and heroes collected from stages are very random. Recruits - which is what I was talking about - are not so.

If you don’t like the spread sheet, don’t look at it.

If you want to just spread a little bit of hate, try selling someplace different, because I am not buying. I created the spreadsheet for myself. So, I could easily read the data collected at a glance. I shared it because I thought it may be helpful to someone else. I didn’t expect to have to explain my actions, reasons or methods to a hater.

Merry Christmas


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Regardless of the amount of data one might need to accurately determine loot drop percentages, there is no such thing as “worthless” information.

I believe you had the best of intentions; however calling someone else’s work “worthless” can easily be taken the wrong way - perhaps it isn’t the content of your reply, instead consider the tone. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sincerely, I would like to thank both of you @MaralynManson and @Pois1 - I have found the data you have shared here very helpful, and look forward to further contributions from you both!



Thanks @Tima very gracious of you,
@Pois1, prejudice aside, something which I wanted to do with a like minded E & P fan was share data / ideas.

TBH I’m not convinced (still) that the data in any of the Loot spreadsheets is valid as the loot can appear so absolutely random and the only constant is being able to see when certain items begin to appear. The spreadsheet I created was set out in such a way as to be able to see patterns. That was the point of the spread sheet. At a glance - even with one run - a pattern does emerge.

But, yes, it needs multiple runs on a stage to gather sufficient data. Another very extensive spreadsheet created by @madmarv has a minimum of 20 runs. Which is probably when I began getting multple ‘red’ items appearing as well. Meaning more than 3 yes. But not just 4. It could appear 20 times. But, I found once many items began appearing many times, the pattern was no longer a pattern and I became less useful.

Adding the recruits was to show the cost of recruits in flags compared to the XP. I did this as 8-7 (popular recruit stage) gives 800XP at 3 flags. 12-9 gives 1300 XP. The game is about many levels and being able to gather a little more XP and the same recruits made sense to me.

So, I would like to offer to collaborate and discuss ideas.


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So, Ive been playing for around 6 months now.
My laptop has died, so I have not updated the spreadsheet for a while.

I have been noting down all the loot in a pad.

But, I am beginning to wonder of the worth of any of these spreadsheets. I wanted to create a visually simple spreadsheet. I like efficiency.

It all changed as i farmed more for recruits. I used the spreadsheet for farming flag efficiency. Not loot. Instead of farming 8-7 for recruits, i would farm 12-9. More xp per flag same recruit haul. I was only ever short of string! My favourite item being the arrow. Then, as i progressed through Atlantis, I found the levels on easy were giving a good return for xp with flags and a huge loot haul.

I haven’t run out of string since.

I now use AK to make feeders until they run out/ham builds up then go to level 19 TC. I havent needed to use the spreadsheet (or any others!) myself.

So @Pois1 - i know we got off to a poor start and you probably think im an air head - but have you found similar results?