Spreadsheet of hero abilities

Anyone have a spreadsheet of all the heroes on one axis and all of the special abilities on the other so you can figure out say, all the heroes that have elemental defense down or can cleanse, etc?

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This pretty much covers it all…
Thanks to Titan Mafia!!

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I’m aware of that site and page and unless I’m missing something that does the lookup by hero, I want to lookup by special and see which heroes have it.

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type in your hero and it explains it all…

That isn’t what I’m after at all, it is exactly backwards to what I’m asking…

@General_Confusion I have one that I personally have built. If you add me on LIne I can pass it along.

My ID is Guvnor81

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do u have discord???

Uhh kinda… I don’t know my ID :stuck_out_tongue:

I can try to find it…

THINK it is:

I don’t really use Discord much tho… Mainly Line

lol dont feel like the loan ranger LOL i know niothing about it.

mine is rohn gordon #7291

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@Rohn, @General_Confusion, @SRJ_CT_61 & @LadyAchilles
(and anyone else looking)

I’ve made a Forum Post with that spreadsheet in above location


thank you @guvnor

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This wiki page has heroes organized by categories. Buffers, cleansers, ETC.

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This booklet is awesome! Will it be updated? Ty

@Guvnor no longer plays so I doubt it – unless someone else takes over.

You might want to check this awesome thread I just discovered

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