Spread titan loot based on the relation between damage and team strength


Based on the experience on loot spreading in our Top 30 main alliance and in our wing our idea is:
Take the team strength used for the titan and the related dmg. The lower that relation the better the loot should be.
So: If I make 20k damage on a 9* titan with a TS of 2500 you should be better rewarded as someone with a TS of 3500…
Then the knowlegde of strategy, usage of items and od course luck with the stones are rewarded


So then everybody will gimp their teams to get better loot.

So you will kill lower level titans.


I read your other comment and i can understand/share your feelings about the drops.
Why bother to use many items and be good on strategies against titans if you don’t get rewarded for it? Just doing an average work and get the same things.

Yeah, in theory meritocracy would be fair, but this way always the same people get the best stuff and disparity may eventually grown breaking the alliance bound.

The solution is just more simple.
High star titans MUST have better odds for all. Stop.


I think that “smaller” players should get more items then the top players. This is how they maintain fun. E.g. my best rank in the world was 5. I was fighting my way in some battles through very well know players using also two flasks to ensure the raid mission could be done with 18 attacks. And I was able to make it. Great run. But the loot of of the mission was: herbs, 10 diamonds, a sword and a bagpack. Are you kidding me? I fought through the best players in the game in 18 consecutive battles and killed 40 heroes and this is the reward?
So it is the same with the events. The already best players get the best rewards.
So the whole strategy of the game should be based on the idea that lower players get better rewards on what they do successfully


Well, this and that are different things.
You had to fight 40 formidable heroes to have a place where everyone can see you and recognize you as a top player.
Thats suppose to be your reward.

But you go through the same difficulty (or even less) then a normal player that have to fight a +200 power team.


Titan loot:
One of the few things in this game that is “fair” is the reliability that everybody in the alliance gets more or less the same crappy odds of good titan loot. As long as you do more than 3.3% of the total titan damage (get C rank).

So that everybody are motivated to take down as big titans as possible, as fast as possible.
Would it be nice if titan loot be better all together? Yeah!
Is that likely going to happen? No.

Who cares if you fought the top10 people a hundred times and won? You’re filling a chest. Do that at 0 or 2900 cups.

Revamping the cup ranking system/rewards is an entirely different matter. Something that might be addressed by the upcoming Alliance Wars.