Spread alliance quest from regular challenge events

I love challenge events

I play a lot

I cannot even make anymore axes to have fun with the events.

Some solution please.

More lumber and root drops or

spread these challenges out please.

Also I can’t even vote for my own idea lol ughhhh

There are some players who accumulate battle items and start using them seriously in a challenge event only when they have enough.
If you decide to do so it will have an effect similar to your suggestion of spreading these events.


…. Or I could enjoy the game and do them all.

Really if I don’t do them I get to save some ? :joy:


Wow I learned eeww so much todaysssssss


You got my vote: as events, seasons hard mode and such multiplied over the time it is not fair that the loot drop from farming to stay the same, some items that not so much time ago you had abundance now you ran out of it very quickly, i dont even remember when was the last time i had enough energy to farm outside AR and others, as pov bleed us from that energy more and more

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I use alchemy lab to create event items

Getting enough to compete in all events that way. Check out alchemy lab 4,9 and 10

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If only will ran on iron not food :sweat_smile:


Gotta farm a lot more it sounds like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gladly if you people can donate energy :joy::joy:

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You can do challenges without using axes, and save them for a challenge you really want to compete for the top.

This sounds like towers requirement for gems. Don’t pull on portals so you can save gems for tower flasks if you want to go to the top.

On a side note: A request like this, if accepted by SG, will probably come in the form of a shiny new offer of axes and other unwanted stuff for a price in money.


Lol shh help me hahaha.


Feel like the phone is never down tho

Yeah I can do them I like to compete lololol.



But actually think they can tell there’s a lot more challenge type events and boosting the loot in some of the higher seasons won’t hurt a think dude I just need lumber !!!

I’ll try to keep treating you seriously despite the fact you seem to have mocked my previous response.

I suspect you didn’t understand my response.
In your OP one of your suggestions was to space the challenge events more so that you can accumulate more battle items for them. My response was that you can achieve the same without having SGG to space the events. You just have to “space” them yourself. You don’t have to ignore the “spaced-out” events. In the “spaced-out” events you just pursue the completion rewards and accumulate battle items. Then, when you have enough battle items, you can treat one event “seriously” and compete for the ranking reward.

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The CoK comes every three months, you can and should plan ahead. I farm pretty hard during all the reduced-cost seasonal events, and make it a habit to have a full set of battle items (as per my estimated usage) at all times. So far I have not encountered a shortage of items yet, perhaps because I don’t aim too high, lol.

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Hard to take seriously that you think I didn’t know that I could just complete the event and not play them over and over and save items for the next one.

They added extra challenge events.
They should add loot to compensate.

So my last suggestion for you is to edit your original post and remove your suggestion to spread the events. It is very clear you don’t want this to happen. What you really want is your main suggestion to gain more loot for battle items.

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Agreed, it’s pretty confusing.

@Pandita, @CarryAll gave you friendly advice, and you’re making fun of them for what exactly? Not being a mind reader and literally understanding what your words mean?

Both your title and your OP suggest to spread out challenge events, which appears to indicate that you hadn’t considered the possibility of doing so by choosing not to compete in all of them.

I think you know I like you, but sometimes you post legit baffling stuff.

About your proposition:

Totally against more time between challenge events (still not sure if that’s what you want though). Again, not competing all the time accomplishes the exact same thing without penalizing other players because you, I or anyone don’t have enough items.

Totally on board with more crafting mats from farming, especially hard map stages or quests that take a ton of time and WE. “More events, more mats” sounds fair. I’d vote for that. :v: :panda_face: :heart:


“competing” can mean different things, are you going for top spots? Top 100? for 4 star mat tiers? Tokens? Depending on what your going for will affect the item usage

I agree with more mats for events, even when competing for just epic hero tokens you can go through tons of materials.Even when farming AR hard and using the Alchemy lab it can be hard to keep up with even modest use of items.

Would love to see drop rates increase for 3 star mats or improve the conversion rates in the alchemy lab for items

Although you have my vote for it, I doubt SG would go for it, as SG has designed it this way to encourage players to buy the extra mats needed for high end sustained competition

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Not making fun of.

Just saying ofc I know I could just not have fun doing the event and save mats for next time. You can always just skip things and save.

It was more of a “feature request"then a ask for help.

And if i can’t see howni feature request hurts someone I’m flabbergasted that it’s then a bad idea lol I dunno :woman_shrugging:t2:

With alliance quest so close to a challenge event I just thought it would make more sense that we’d get a extra lumber here or there.

Guess im alone. Everyone seems ok with shorter Atlantis and just buying loot tickets.

Maybe game really is pushing the c2p out I dunno.

Kinda wish they’d just let me delete this whole thread…

Blah :unamused: :panda_face::two_hearts: Thanks though and yeah I know luv I know.

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Yeah I mean for the "better” loot I’m no means in top 100. Just trying to get loot and materials I used to have enough stuff before AQ …