SPOTS AVAILABLE, JOIN A TOP FAMILY ALLIANCE - The King of the North / Winterfell family

Come join a high performing family with no tolerance for drama.

We are 9 alliances strong and our aim for 2020 is to secure 5 permanent spots in the Top 100 and prioritise growth of our existing members.

To help us achieve these, each alliances have set requirements and goals that must be met. Each members’ performance will be closely monitored and are expected to be accountable for their own performance.

However the great thing about our family is that we will actually look after you and give you all the support you need to become a better player. Each of our alliance has different requirements that will suit different styles of play. So come chat to us today, we would love to hear from you.

Our alliances include:

(LINE: Julia-north)

  • 2400 Cups
  • 25+ 5* Heroes
  • 4500 AW Defense
  • Streak 14* Titans
  • GOAL: Maintain Top 10 and kill titans. Members are expected to be highly competitive.

(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 2400 Cups
  • 20+ 5* Heroes
  • 4400 AW Defense
  • Streak 14* Titans
  • 150k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)
  • GOAL: Push into Top 20 and kill titans before 7hrs mark. Members are expected to be highly competitive.

(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 2400 Cups
  • 12+ 5* Heroes
  • 4250 AW Defense
  • 110k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)
  • GOAL: Push into Top 100 and kill titans before 7hrs mark. Members are expected to become competitive, with potential to advance to Wolves.

(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 2200 Cups
  • 10+ 5* Heroes
  • 4100 AW Defense
  • 110k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)
  • GOAL: F2P/C2P alliance. Grow into Top 100. Members are expected to become competitive but at a slower pace.

(LINE: Mafia Princess or beezzerpw)

  • 2400 Cups
  • 15+ 5* Heroes
  • 4200 AW Defense
  • GOAL: Members are expected to be competitive and active.

(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 6 Full War Teams
  • 3500 AW Defense
  • 60-70k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)
  • GOAL: Remain as casual mentoring and training alliance. Members can train up and advance into Knights. Members are still expected to remain active.

(LINE: ronandex501)

  • Holiday, resisting, retiring? This is the place for you if you’d still like to remain part of the family.

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I’ve been a part of Ravens for a little over 20 days now and all I can say is “WOW”. There is so much info in this group it’s unbelievable. Everyone I have talked with has been very helpful and wants to see me improve.
If you feel like you are stuck and can’t advance check into it. I’m definitely glad I did

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Thank you for the kind words @Page. We are really pleased you chose to join us and look forward to helping you grow.

We have spots available in Knights, Kings and Ravens and may have some spots become available in Wolves soon, so do come chat to us to find out more.

One spot available in Wolves of Winterfell.

We hit top 30 this morning, would you be that person to take us to top 20 or above?

LINE ID: ronandex501 to chat more, we would love to hear from you.

I have been part of the Winterfell family since it’s start. I love the opportunities that it provides all of it’s members. If you are looking for somewhere to start and grow this is the perfect alliance for you. You never run out of options and so much diversity it makes the game a joy. Truly, a family.

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Wolves of Winterfell hit Top 42 today and today marks the 50th 14* titan we have been killing non-stop. Are you hungry for competition or want to get more out of the E&P world, come check out our family of alliance today!

Come climb the ranks with Wolves of Winterfell. We made Top 26 yesterday and we will have 2 spots opening after this war. LINE - ronandex501 to join!

Are you an F2P/C2P player who would like to stay this way but be in an alliance that is competitive and active? Come check out our sister alliance - Kings of Winterfell today!

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This is the kind of structure you can expect when you join our Winterfell family.

Come chat to us today!

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