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I am think I found some spoofers or hackers so what is a legit play to know this I do have screenactment shots more than a grout of them all hit me and I cannot revenge a hit on them so Small Games what do I / we as players do know this!

What’s probably happened is that they haven’t updated the game to the latest version, while you have. The game does not allow you to revenge attack agajnst players with the earlier game version.
When they do update, you should be able to wreak terrible vengeance upon them as per the usual day at the office.


I realize that is is an off topic reply but I have no other way. Since I am a newbie, can someone show me how to create a new topic for discussion? I have a question to ask the pros in here.

Apologize to the thread starter!


Keep on reading the forums. After a fairly small number of threads read, or something like 10 minutes reading time, the forum software will award you a Basic badge and you can create new posts and use all the other basic functions.

This what I know as fact there is a hacking tool that stop raids went your off line if you have the hacking tool and now I plan on understanding tools and look to get around this tool if it can be done that is my new goal! All hacking tools have a weakness I just need to find it!

you do like he said and in time your get it to ask your question if you need answer now go to your alliance page you got page you can questions to your alliance if your above XP 4! This game move a bit slow so your not go get to far very fast so you have lot of time to get both what need from the forum and getting an alliance so don’t worry you will get there if you keep at it good luck!

I check it twice he has a tool that stop me from raiding as he sleep all night and I did not and he is now back off line but he empty his tower so he know what his is doing and so do I!! I love getting to understanding hacking tools without using them it’s my thing and why not it a lot of fun! I foroot that I look to raid he and yes I can which means he can turn on and trun off the hacking tool any time he want just like a light swicth like most game hacking have and I say that coz this is not my first time up angaist a hacker / spoofer in fact many spoofers quit because I got under their skin by running around them not though them it a strategy thing I worked out I use no hacking tools at all I just see what the hacking can do and guess what it cannot do and as of today I am better at that than this game but I still play the game I do ok at the game!

Its not a hack. It’s because of different app versions.


No I can tell you it is a hacking tool because their can turn it off and on at will I saw three times go on and off on 5 accounts as I have 7 accounts that have the same thing going on! And I not saying this without thinking that it maybe a something else no I stay all night watching them turning on and off and I know enough of how it works! You can disagree but I will get more information on this hacking tool because for me the game is now a lot more fun because all hacking tools have a weakness you just need to look for it and funny enough I find it and I beat two of them I am waiting to see if their on to because I know hacker spoofers hate to lose to legit players that is what I call strategy to the max strategic!

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I think he’s referring to the app that doesn’t take you offline, ever, not the version update issue. Such a thing does exist. And unless you are in the top 100, you can’t revenge someone online, so in truth, @colmud is correct, there are people using a tool to keep them online all the time. I don’t think it’s a hack, or spoofing, and I am not sure it is even cheating, but it certainly doesn’t feel fair!


But I highly doubt that he has 7 open revenges of which all players use this tool :joy:

That is probably the update issue :slight_smile:

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@colmud is right!! And its not a bunch of people. More than likely its one or two people who possess the knowledge to do it. :thinking::thinking:
We have had the same EXACT SAME issue happening!
You can verify it by looking at the opponents Time since last active. It will say hours ago, but when we try to revenge it says we cant because the player is currently online.
I really hope Small Giant takes this seriously!

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No it not it is a spoofer with hacking tools that turn on and off at will I stay up all night just to watch them I saw hacking tool go on and off three times that not an up date and I did hit two of the 7 that hit me hacking tools it is!

The teamost of Russians that hit me weregarding XP levelevel of 20 and under as low as 13! I am XP level 19 and when I revenge hit that 13 he cut me in two! Their were two other players that made one small mistake and I was able to beat both of them! I telling their hackers because the other five that hit did not make that mistake and I could not hit them the whole thing is a team effort and their are dam good at what their do! Don’t be fooled!

OK if that how feel I this is a forum prove me wrong I am listening! But I still stand by what I saw spoofers/hacking tools!

At this point all we actually have is your insistence that your opponents are cheating. If you have more than that, it isn’t the forum that you should be trying to convince, it is customer support, because cheating benefits nobody. Pass what you have onto them and they can deal with cheats appropriately.


OK but I was wanting two thing helping other players because before you step I had underst oodles that this forum was about help other understand the game and in this game like most or all games there are cheaters and new players do have a hard time understanding this and cheatingredients is a part of life but you want me to go to support! Can i ask how that going to help which was the second reason why I posted on this from because I want to understand the hacking tool because you cannot stop spoofers or hackers you can only learn from which is what I was trying to do and I am not trying get insist any thing I saw what I saw and if you look at some of my post I didn’t push
anyone in one person said no way I was wrong and I did say he was wrong because if I am wrong I want to hear it if someone got proof and can show me than I will listen! This will be my last post until someone show me proof that I am wrong in which case I will ask to remove my post because I was wrong! It that more help to you Paulson because that what this forum is all about is help! Good bye!

I’m new too but this is an update issue. If you just wait a day or so you’ll be able to get your revenge. I wouldn’t place too much value in cups either, I can tell you for a fact that the difference in rewards between bronze and gold tier are negligible.

It also sounds like you don’t understand how the different heroes work. Matchmaking has nothing to do with team power or XP level. If all the heroes are fast mana speed they will hit more often. Although there are exceptions most of the fast heroes also hit harder, most have single target nuke specials as well.

The toughest part about raids is the board shuffle. If the board sucks then you will too. That’s just part of a match 3 game. I personally am running a double healer attack team to give myself a buffer for those terrible boards, it’s been working pretty well so far although some matches get drawn out.

If you genuinely believe you are dealing with hackers, spoofers, cheaters, et al, then you need to go to Game Support to:

A) get this to stop for you
B) inform the Devs to stop this for others

Please use the link supplied in the FAQ article posted by Pailon above. Thank you.

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