Is there such a thing? I read In another thread that someone was looking for a sponsor. IS IT POSSIBLE TO SPONSOR SOME ONE OR OBTAIN A SPONSOR?

Why not… personally I think it depends on the game and number of players etc…
If you were a top player and someone offered you a deal to change your name etc…

I don’t know if it would violate terms and conditions?

You base was attacked by @Bernie, and a cool, refreshing bottle of Mountain Dew!

Anyone doing that would have a massive target on their back.

I would hit the revenge button so fast :joy:

Still, Zero and Coke Zero?


Lol, I was just joking in the other thread but since we are doing this for a low dollar per month fee you can sponsor me on my way to a fully ascended five star team and full bench of 25 fully ascended five star heroes. All donations are welcome. :joy:


As a person who lives and dies by youtube. I think it’s ridiculous that people pay real money to watch people play video games…

How sad do you have to be to tip twitch girls lmao…

Sponsors for gamers…Fool and their money…


Just askin, cause I too, would welcome someone’s money to show me the error of my ways… lol

@Xero786 We need to know the truth! :smiley:

Now i have to chafe Coke for a paycheck too!!! Gah!!!