Spoils Tickets


What better use of the Spoils Tickets? Where should I use for the best benefits?

  • high exp zone (20.4)
    • to level up and charge raid and titan’s energies
  • high monster zone (7.4)
    • to do your monster chest and log out

20.4 only cost 6 flags but if you really need only experience then go with higher levels


I use them to fill rare chests quickly, or on 23-9 when I am close to leveling up. Use up raid and titan flags, then hit 23-9 with all my WE at once so it doesn’t go to waste.


Yes lately I was doing on 23-9 but I did not know if its use was right, I started using it to increase the level fast. So I seem to be on the right track, thank you all again :slightly_smiling_face:


I find them useful when I level up:
Let’s say that I’m 200xp from leveling and I’m full of world energy (it may happen when I hold on the level up cause my alliance is letting the current titan escape). When I finally level up I can only do one level and my world energy will be refilled so I’ll waste all the world energy that I couldn’t use before leveling up.
Well, in these cases instead of playing the level I use the loot tickets, cause they let you do several levels all at once giving you the loot of those levels altogether, including experience. This way I can use my residual world energy before the level up, limiting the waste


Exactly yesterday this happened to me :cry: I learned


Don’t know what’s your level, but in the beginning it is very hard to get the most out of level ups, later on it becomes easier


nvl 32 It’s good to know that it will get easier :slightly_smiling_face:


Alliance co member just posted the offer he got. Only 10 loot tickets, not 90.


Actually mine says 820% value


How many loot tickets? 90, right?


yep 90 tickets and 20 chars

EDIT: full image, the previous snap was meant to highlight the different discount


20 chars makes it an even better deal! :smiley:


Some very clever uses discussed above. I mostly use mine when I am crunched for time but full up on world energy. Quick way to fill a box, or burn off enough energy so I’ll be back to full just when I’ll have time to play.


I have been using mine on 23-11 (exp only), but 20-4 sounds good for lesser flag use. :slight_smile:


Your mate probably hasn’t updated.

We were discussing this in alliance chat. Everyone else had the 90 tickets and my offer was 10.

I held off levelling Cos I wanted Wilbur to still have his spirit link.

Then I upgraded the ap to newest version and instantly the offer was for 90 tickets


May I ask, What is? ‘20 Chars’


Forum has a minimum character count of 20 for any forum post. That’s my method for circumventing that annoying rule :smiley:


But if you only need 200xp to level up wont you loose the rest of the xp? Or does it carry over to the next level?


With the loot tickets, it carries over