[SPOILER] Is there a chance for this hero to be featured in the Valhalla portal?

If you don’t want to know anything about the S3 storyline, I won’t give away the name of the hero we met again in the last stages available this month. I’ll just say that it’s a past HOTM that I could never have because I’ve only been playing for a year.

I was just wondering if it’s possible for a hero that used to be a Hero of the Month to be recast in another portal, in this case, Valhalla, since she is clearly part of the story?

I’d really like it if it was the case, especially due to the fact that getting a unique past HOTM out of the Legends’ portal is nearly impossible given the odds.

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You are referring to Hel. I don’t think she will be featured in S3 anytime soon as it deviated from the Atlantis summoning platform where there are 2 past HOTMs and 2 S2 legendary heroes featured every month, unlike in Valhalla where they only feature the most recent S3 legendarybhero every month

I can imagine she could be added to the Valhalla pool. She’s one of top-tier HotM and this would be great way for SG to grab some more cash from Valhalla portal, because anyone with two functional brain cells knows getting her from ToL (she won’t be in Atlantis anymore) requires either a ton of cash or incredible luck, so noone but the biggest whales will spend on ToL to solely get her.

Then again, now that ToL will include featured hero(es) and current HotM, people may start trying to spend there …

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Well interesting, so if it is implemented there are 3-way to get Hel: TOL Portal, Valhalla Portal and HA. And the odd is of course so little… but it is great to have a hope at least.

Maybe it could be Past HOTM will appear in Valhalla, just like Atlantis Portal… so Very old HOTM could be in there in Valhalla, and the roll is continue…

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Request thread:

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Actually now that I remembered that ToL will include featured heroes from now on it’s much more likely she’ll get featured there down the road. In fact, she was THE first HotM, so likely next ToL will feature her and Grazul, who will enter the ToL/HA pool.

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There is of course the last of Loki’s children which hasn’t been seen yet. Ive been sitting the entire time hoping it will show up at the end.

I tried to look for similar topics but somehow didn’t see there already was a request thread! Thanks

I’m going to close this thread with the link provided earlier.