Split-Screen no longer supported by the App

Can anyone explain to me why did split-screen stop working? I liked that very much since it let me watch a video or something while power farming level 8-7 for instance…

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Works fine for me, on galaxy s8+

Not for me, it seems…

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I can’t do it anymore either since last update.
Galaxy J3

Just noticed it doesn’t work for me either…What version are u on?

That same one, 1.11.6.

Same here build 1.11.6 build 670

Same Problem - Splitt Screen not supported
Version 1.11.6 Build 675
Note 8

I just updated and can confirm it no longer works.
Was on version 1.11.5 not sure on the build number

Hi, yes this was disabled intentionally as we cannot guarantee optimal performance when split-screen is enabled.

While we don’t recommend enabling this, you can still access the split screen option by enabling the developer options from settings.


@Petri Thanks for your fast feedback.
Btw… Happy registration day :smiley:

Just checked my Option (in Game) and can’t find the developer options. Is this Option available for all / in all languages?
(Or is it the developer Option from Android?)


@Petri Could you elaborate on how to exactly enable split screen for the game?

Ive enabled ‘Force activities to be re-sizable’ in developer options and as far as i know it should do the trick but the game still doesnt want to go into split screen. Please help.


@Klaczek… Just found this post because I was looking for the same info, and it wouldn’t change for me, either–until I restarted my phone. Now E&P shows the split-screen option like everything else.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I think they reintroduced it with this new update. But if not, it was that restarting advice that worked for me :slight_smile: thank you for your input!


E&P is displaying a blank screen on startup and crashing itself on my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.4. Please fix it guys.

Just wanted to make an update real quick, as I uninstalled and performed a fresh installation of the game it has been running smooth once again : )

Kenny Garg
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Hi. Why game now won’t support Android’s split screen feature? It worked like a dream but few updates ago Devs turned off support. Someone knows why?

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Great question! Same here.

And I used to be able to copy and paste into Alliance chat…no more…

Join the club. It’s been brought up in previous posts already and as of yet, it hasn’t been addressed… Be patient. Maybe they’ll remember about this issue if people continue to bring it up… It’s very valuable when farming but you also need to use your phone for other stuff…

It was a deliberate choice by the devs. There’s a post from Petri about it in this thread.

Apparently it can be reactivated, but I’ve never used split screen and haven’t dug into the settings to work out how.

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