Spirit link useless

Gunnar is completely useless. I’m considering feeding him. Never makes even a bit of difference. I assume Kailani is the same

Im completely blind then. Gunnar can be an exrteme help early in. Vivica,(strongest healer in the game) adds that 60 some % defence too.


Gunnar, Kailani both have the same skill … sorta … it allow the team to share the recived damages … so it works amoung 3☆ raid teams but wont be good vs bigger enemies 4/5☆s.
But if you say that Gunnar fails cause of his skill not limited low 3☆!
Then I think you should feed Wilbur if ever got him cause he does same thing.


Where you using him? He can help you with keep alive your heroes in titan fights. For me this is one the best passive skill (now Im using Wilbur but he is more offensive). Strong snipers like Baltazzar(3*), Caedmon(4*), or Sartana(5*) wasn’t dangerous


Spirit link helped me complete the final levels of rare quests when my roster had very few 4* and no 5*. Paired with Belith/Hawkmoon, they can keep you alive and in the runnings for those rare 4* ascension materials.


Gunnar and Kailani both boost your team’s defense substantially (63%!), cutting the strength of an attack by 2/3, and on top of that, make it so that the reduced damage you do receive gets spread out over all the remaining heroes. That’s a very powerful survival skill.

The only time it is a detriment is when all of your guys are hanging on by a thread and it spreads a single target attack so that it kills more than one of your heroes.

Wilbur does the same thing, only applies it to the other team along with a defense debuff to them.

The only time Wilbur’s is a detriment is if you need to take out one key enemy hero right now, and the spirit link spreads damage such that that hero survives.

Other than those two use cases, spirit linkers are great.

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I guess the problem is he is too slow to help in the wars.

Gunnar was my tank–and a good one–when my team consisted of 3-star heroes. Now that my teams are much stronger, Gunnar is obsolete. However, spirit link isn’t the reason.


Well consider getting Wilbur which is way better, gunnar is only very good for a 3* team. Not for a 4*/5* team. Gunnar is slow mana btw so getting the effect can be a pain.

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Spirit link is actually, imo, a really good skill.

Gives a huge survavibility to a whole team or 3 heroes together.

I do like this skill !


That would be just wrong… Gunnar and Kailani are great on quests and events… they keep your team alive if you feed them some mana potions.

let me introduce you to brienne, gunnars’ soulmate

pls try this combination: gunnar, brienne, belith/hawkmoon and the rest you can choose.(ulmer,valen,jahangir,oberon are good also played right)

spirit link is good for attack imo just for being slow.
if i coudl have a brienne 4*like near a wilbur i would reck some good 4k teams :)))

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My early titan ccombination :smile:

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Oh… I felt that I was doing something horribly wrong for like 7 months
Kailani was staple in my titan team against 7/8* and a couple time up to 10*

In case you ask, I’m C2P but RNG gave me very first Wu and Wilbur out of 8 / 11 months waiting respectively.

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