Spirit Link broken/bug

Hey, could you look into this?

Enemy hero cast Soul Link with 4 alive heroes and I was doing 10 dmg each. Later the same fight the hero was already alone when he recast Soul Link and I was still doing 10 dmg!

Seems to me Soul Link does not take into account the number of alive heroes when cast but simply puts a 4/5 reduction of dmg regardless. Otherwise I would be doing full damage on a single hero with Soul Link because there’s no one to share the dmg with!


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I’ve noticed this as well and I agree that it isn’t intuitive, but I really don’t think Spirit Link should get nerfed since it’s already a mediocre slow mana ability which only exists at the 3* level.

If it’s not working as intended, perhaps it should be looked at, especially if they ever introduce 4* Spirit link heroes…

+63% defense. Doesn’t say that in the new description? (can’t check at the moment)

Were you hitting both times with a single hitter hero?

The defense buff is the same for 4,5 or 1 hero so that could not have been the case.

I just did a little bit of testing on 8-7 using Kailani, Gormek, Nightshade, Brand, and Derric. I only took hits from Wilderfrost Scouts. I also recorded it, thought I’m not posting since it is tedious. With all 5 heroes alive and spirit link active I took damage: Gormek 6, Nightshade 19, Kailani 5. I let Derric die (sorry Derric) and then took: Gormek 6/7/6, Nightshade 22/24/22. I let Nightshade and Brand die and then took: Gormek 13, Kailani 7.

This is obviously a horendously small sample size, but it appears that damage recieved increases as more heroes die, which would mean the ability is working properly.

It is working properly for the attacking player.

OP is looking at the defensive team in raids.

I love the response to “just ignore it because it doesn’t matter because it’s only 3* heroes.”

You think there might be some players playing the game that that has a HUGE impact on?

(I’ve noticed this bug too. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or a feature. Tyrum has helped me to deal with it. And avoiding Gunnar and Kai in wars and raids. But those aren’t the same as fixing a bug. The bug should be fixed.

“It doesn’t bother me” and “it only affects noobs” isn’t an acceptable reason to not fix a bug.)


I can’t imagine that it would work properly on attack but not on defense. It’s the same code so there shouldn’t be a difference.

I’m not certain it would be the same code. But I’ll check. I can get matched against one of these cats. BBIAB :slight_smile:

Great news! I’m back! With some… interesting results:

These two attacks are both with purple against yellow. Notice the damage DOES increase by about 50% as expected when a hero is removed going from 3 down to 2 heroes remaining. This functions exactly as intended.


Now… this is where it is interesting. Same Raid. Same heroes. Actually I think it was the exact same block of attacks both times.

Notice the damage on the first attack is 6, and on the second attack after it goes from 3-2 heroes it remains at 6 - it should elevate to 9…

So I’m not sure why. But this makes sense to me. I had noticed this MORE when I was underleveled fighting these heroes. Perhaps the formula acts ‘wonky’ at fringe damages… I am really not sure.

That does seem like a bug though. Not sure if there’s some purposeful reason for it to behave like that or not.

(PS - developers, if you wanna send me a raid flask for my efforts here, I wouldn’t say no :stuck_out_tongue: it did cost me 30k food, 100 trophies, and 4 raid energy to get this. Just saying :wink: )

Edit: PPS - I do have a 1:30 video I tried to cut those attacks from. The “6” in the attack wave of the yellow guys versus 3 enemies is a bit harder to see. But it’s there. If you want additional images lemme know. Thanks!


@Duaneski great work. I wish I had the resources to do what you did :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure theres some stuff going on here. Hopefully the devs will look into it. And, yeah, not all of us are 2500 trophies and 4000 teams.