Spirit Link and counter, aka could Sumimoto and Wilbur work well together?

My question is really two-pronged, and aims to try and find a use to Sumimoto - a hero I know next to nothing about, so I hope you can help me fill in the blanks.

  • First prong: counter-attacks are not currently set off by damage received through a spirit link. Is this a bug or a feature? Meaning, in the future, will that change?

Sorry if I’m wrong about that and counters do in fact currently work with spirit links: I much prefer direct or DoT damage over counters—which imo are too random offensively and too easy to dispell defensively—so I have very little experience playing with it.

  • Second prong: How much mana does Sumimoto receive from each counter-attack in the same turn? I know that the amount goes down with each counter, but the card does not specify any amount.

Ultimately, the real question behind that is: could Wilbur make Sumimoto a fast or even very fast sniper with a counter on top?
I would be a mild combo compared to what Wilbur and Khiona can do together, but still, it would give me a reason to ascend Sumi.

This all stems from not getting Ares and having to face the fact that I really have no one that I need or want to ascend in red (I have Khagan, Marj #2 and Elena, none of whom I would give rings to, and Lancelot, who would probably only be used in AW if I need a 9th red).