Spins for daily rewards


Add roulette spins to win coins and gems first one free each day and second spin buy paying

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So like a second mystic vision?


Or a Daily Calender with free rewards for daily log in.
If you miss once your month rest of calender has been gone.


I wouldn’t say gone… maybe like other games where you just won’t be able to get the really really goid item at end of month, due to lack of logins. I’ve found that it keeps people motivated.


Maybe but if there is no pain will be no gain
This is how SG like things to go.
If it got the chance to messup all our calender … I think they would likely try it.
But if it will be every day free reward even simple ones with no way to make a player lose … then THE CASINO wont win in the end.


As I say, rewards get better as month goes by… the more you miss the more you get “punished” . That way you don’t have ppl going f### it, I lost the whole month I’m gonna quit or just whine about how not fair things are. I dunno if I’m explaining it right lol.