Spending monk emblems on Tarlak, Joon or Leonidas?

I have trouble deciding where to spend my emblems.
my choices are: Tarlak, Joon or Leonidas
my opinion is:
Tarlak is good but it seems enough to get him to 8/8
Joon is also good but less tanky then Leonidas
Leonidas has it all but has it an average mana
who would you pick to spend your monk emblems?

Tarlak. Emblems will ultimately lead to greater survivability. Titan hits being the most difficult to endure. Tarlak will be coming along to nearly all your titan fights so… I’d say he’s the one.


I second tarlak …the only titan I don’t take him to is regular yellow I use wu… but if it’s a rare yellow I take tarlak. Leo can take care of himself and joon would be more awesomer emblem up but look at tile damage…tarlak embem maxed out tile damage is insane

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