Spending Money, getting •••••!


I realy like this game and because of this i already have investated Money in this game but i’m anoid of getting all the Time the Same 3* stars heros.
I See someone guys with level 25 and all 5* heros.
How can this be?


Luck and/or money. Levels are closely tied to grinding in game—there’s no way to buy experience. But buy enough gems and sink huge quantities into summons and other purchases, and you can assemble a five star team.

This game strikes a pretty good balance in terms of ascending heroes. You can buy summons, but the ascension materials needed are fairly hard to come from except through daily work.


Ther’s no such a thing as “fair” on summons when all comes to RNG.
Having the same chances as others players is the only fair thing, you’re only unlucky.

Tips: focus on reaching Stronghold/Training Camp lv 20, research Legendary Training and start your 4-days research to have more chances for a 5* hero, the more you try the more you succeed.
Use your gems for 10x pull of events heroes (no pirates but guardians/knights) or to try to get a good HOTM. You can also buy other stuff but id rather pick a troops token than many packs.

Its not what can my luck do for me but what can i do to improve my luck :wink:


As has been previously said, through luck or money it is possible to assemble a full 5* team…but you must still grind (a while!) to level that team until they are actually useful.

If you have read the Forums, you will find many experienced players praising 4* heroes as better than unmaxed 5*, and further that 3* heroes have value again in the Beginner Events (and possibly in the upcoming Alliance Wars as well).

It is shortsighted to only focus on 5*, and you will make yourself miserable in the process. Enjoy them when they come. Remember that TC20’s can bestow 5* for free (5% chance). To spend or not spend is up to you. :wink:


I know that some 4* heros are better than some 5* star heros, but you have to get them! I get all the time the same 3* star heros, i already have! This doesn’t make sense and is really annoying!
So you don’t get the chance to go on in the game.
Many player quit this game, because of this reason and injustice, like the leader of my Alliance and maybe me too, if this continues this way.


I’m getting my 4* from my TC20 right now. I’m only running one, and while it has given me eight 3* it has also given me six 4*. That’s six free 4* within 28 days.

Everyone’s luck is different, but this seems like a really good chance to get things to help me, and even guaranteed 3* help with Beginner Events, and possibly the upcoming Alliance Wars.

Be encouraged; everything is not hopeless, you just have to work for it a little. :slight_smile:


I think what you’ve discovered is, you can’t buy 5* heroes you can only buy more opportunities. It’s OK this is only a moment in the game. You will have other moments, better moments. Slow down my friend and create your own opportunities. My best 4* came from training camp lvl 13 and my best 5* came from a hero token. Hit the quests, events and like rook has said, in only God knows how many posts, build up your training camps. Best wishes, I hope a good moment is right around the corner.


Totally agree Rook. I used to be narrow minded on getting 5 star hero’s because others were with lower levels but I fought on and now all I want and need is a 4 star yellow hero. When that happens I will have two 4 star hero’s in every colour which is fantastic against the titans.
I also have a fully maxed team of 3 star hero’s for the events but I totally forgot that the troops had to be 2 star so I was rushing around trying to level up some troops. I managed to get most colour troops to level 5 at least. I won’t make that mistake for the next challenge event. Lol


I agree Alex… their programmers are kinda crap. There’s random, and then there’s greedy, let’s give people •••• so they spend money.

I just the other day wrote support and told them, I have no desire to spend money, when they are actively trying to •••• me with 3* crap.

And I got a form letter back.

I’m probably going to quit this game and stop wasting my time. It’s obviously geared to only benefit heavy spenders.


Oh I dunno. I’ve spent $55 total here over ten months. I didn’t get a 5* till I had the ascension material to level it (took a while!), but I have nineteen 4* heroes and have been having fun for ages.

Depends what you expect from the game I guess. I highly recommend a TC20 if you don’t have one yet. :wink:


@rook, I’m grinding toward TC20… still need SH20 =)


You’ll get there soon! When you start making heroes, be sure to post your results here: :wink:

Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

P.S. It’s an enormous thread; click on the page numbers at the bottom right to slide down quickly.


RNG is RNG and nothing you can do about it. Use your EARNED gems to shorten timers on the 2 12 hour quests, is a far better investment then buying single rolls or saving forever for a 10 pull. If you want rolls on heroes nickel and dime buy all the good deals that come around about once a week or so and RNG will eventually roll in your favor. I have been playing for about 9 months and have 7 5* heroes 2 are Hotm and a dozen or so 4* heroes and have spent a total of $65 so far nickel and diming my 10 pulls. Ascension items are far more important then have a large stable of heroes all stuck at 60 with very little ascension items to show. Doing the 2 daily quests twice a day will usually net you 2-3 elemental chests a month.


After about 30 boxes, i finally get one special box, killing very fast 150 dark enemies, i hopefully expected that i get a good 4* or maybe a 5* star hero.
So guess what i get this time again?
You’re right, it was again a 3* crap, i already get the fourth time.
Are you kidding me?!
Now i’m really upset, the next time i’ll get again the same 3* crap, i’ll quit this game.


The normal response: How many pulls have you done?
I presume you mean epic tokens from the chests, they do not by any means guarantee you good heroes. The epic pull has something like 70%< chance to produce 3*, so your four in a row is not that unthinkable.
I’d say you have already been lucky in getting that many epic tokens (granted you do not give a time window in which this has happened).


I didn’t get that many epic tokens, the most heros i got, is because of spending money for diamonds.
About the last 15 heros i summoned (with diamonds or epic tokens, it doesn’t matter) , were all 3crap and only one 4 hero.
This is not normal, seeing that other player with lower level have already two, three, four or five 5* heros.


Many players are reporting 3/4/5* heroes for free from a TC20. I personally have received seven 4* in about 30 days.

If I were you, I would be working toward a TC20 (Training Camp 20) to attempt to get these heroes for free, if you are having bad luck on spending. TC13 will give guaranteed 3* with a chance at 4*, but the 5* are found at TC20 (or from a lucky free hero Summon token).

Good luck!


Actually it is quite normal.

Also a players level has nothing to do with how many 4*/5* heros they have. You have no idea how much money they’ve spent. Its all about luck and cash.


The thing that kills me is you can only see their defense team heroes. Say a level 20 player has five 5* heroes at various levels of completion. You cannot see his inventory, whether or not he has the ascension materials to ascend said heroes.

Heroes without mats means a long waiting game.


A level 20 player with a full team of 5* had probably burned quite a few bucks getting there.
More often than not, said players have their 5* at ascension level 2 or maybe 3, because, after their spenditure, they face the same chore as the rest of us: ascension materials.

I’m soon level 40, and have played for a little more than 8 months. During the course, I have spent about 40$. The best I got for this was bigger hero storage :). I am now leveling my first 5*, provided by lvl 20 training camp. And I wouldn’t have been able to max this hero before now (I did get Thorne early on from a random token, but he doesn’t count).

However, I have a broad selection of maxed 3* and 4*, make my way through events and also stand my ground decently against 9* titans. I’m fine and in no rush, but nevertheless I wouldn’t mind ascension items dropping a tad more generously (at least from higher level titans, which have given me nada for “a long while”).