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It’s not a secret for everyone that EaP is simple gambling game with a lot of microtransactions. Thereby it have a lot of players which have addiction to gambling and spend a lot of money (thousands of dollars) by often microtransactions. For helping them not being victims of gambling I suggest create spending indicator current in game which will show how many money did you spend in it. I know, there are a lot of thirdparty tools for this (I use it too), but this in-game indicator will more helpful.

Of course, this will only work if the Zynga/SGG does not specifically create such an atmosphere in the game :slight_smile:

Noble idea, but they don’t want you to keep track of spending. They don’t want you to be aware how much cash you throw at this game, or fatten their paycheck. Nuh uh.


They promised more QoLs in this year - I think it will be really good QoL for everyone.
P.S. But after 4 months we got info only about new costumes (for already OP heroes), “limit breakers”, new events, shiny heroes and no any QoL.

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It seems very clear to me, based on their actions, that they have no interest in improving “Quality of Life” for any player unless they can possibly profit from it.

Putting in a spending indicator would likely discourage people from overspending, and their entire business model depends on people being tempted to overspend. This will not happen unless they are legally mandated to do so.

I find it rather amusing… my state, some years back, voted to finally legalize casino gambling. One of the caveats of that though, being that the casinos themselves had to donate a portion of their proceeds towards programs to help discourage gambling addiction. :laughing:

Seeing commercials on TV telling people “be careful how you spend your money! Don’t overspend on gambling!”… commercials which now also include, “watch your kids and the games they play on their mobile phones, many of these games have gambling aspects in them that can quickly become gateways towards lifelong gambling addictions!”

And knowing that the revenue of the casinos is going to pay for these ads… turnabout is fair play! :+1:


Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but such a simple indicator that does not require hard development can save someone’s life.


You are not exaggerating at all. Gambling addiction has ruined nearly as many lives as drugs and alcohol.

I used to joke about “whales” in games, thinking that they were mostly just rich kids with millions of dollars, so when they dropped 30k or so on a game like this, it was a drop in the bucket.

But the reality is that. Many people who are spending thousands on this game. Cannot actually afford to spend thousands. And they are actually endangering their own financial situations without ever realizing how much they have really spent.

In those cases. I apologize for making jokes to try to make “light” of the situation. Poverty is not funny. Addiction is not funny. Homelessness is not funny.

I remember an older thread I got involved in over a year ago. I was saying “who in the hell would spend thousands of dollars on a game like this?” and others responded with “a lot of people”. Many posted their own spending results as being in the thousands and upwards into the tens of thousands. Someone else replied “yeah right, what are you all Saudi oil princes or something?” That was also my thought as well. I thought it was nuts. No way is it real. No way is anyone actually spending thousands of dollars on a freaking match 3 tile game.

Oh but wait. Yes. Yes, they really are.

The worst part to me is how so many posters here try to normalize or justify it.



Would this be helpful? Maybe

Would it be player friendly? Unlikely








Industry standard practice like VIP, premium currency, etc are standard because they generate money

One practice is not to show spending and use premium currency to hide amounts ( see Australian investigation into loot boxes )

Spending Fog of War v3.0

Another practice is to have most desirable game offers require real world money, and daily spending

So how do they hide this?


When you spend real world money, or purchase premium currency, or spend premium currency, you get a rebate like past 5* HotM or emblems or 4* ascension items or premium currency ( Empire gems )

But these rebates reset, and change, every 1-3 days

So you have an accurate track of money you spent, but it is nearly impossible to compare offers

One top spender in I T ( martial arts cultivation game nicknamed Spreadsheets and Salaries ) cannot spend gems fast enough ( between rebates and real world money offers ) so they have the equivalent of 2.1 million gems in Empires they cannot spend. And more accumulating each day.

Weaponizing Spending QoL

Another industry practice is to give free items, and exclusive free items, when Big spenders reach milestones

Encouraging you to spend just a little bit more when you get close to a milestone even if you have to spend it on useless items, or items you do not immediately need.

When I quit the game I was a few hundred USD away from 1 on 1 customer service provided by a Discord volunteer with access to game studio staff ( I T is another example of drawbacks of paying volunteers but that is another rant )

In I T, the current max free item ( equivalent to a 100* 1.1 hero in Empires) is equivalent to $ 73,529.41 USD real world money spent in game and a dozen players have already reached it in less than six months

This gets even crazier when the game design incentivized multiple accounts ( multiple server freemium games is a whole rant by itself )


In 10- 20 years we might see government regulations, or innovative indie studio solutions, to many of Empires QoL problems

But right now, many QoL problems are features and not bugs ( looking at you roster spaces and maximum of 15 teams )

Big business versus Regulation Arms Race

Interesting how Spending Fog of War v3.0, and Weaponizing Spending QoL, turn the below government suggested regulation into a worse situation for the player

Game designers really are very creative, and smart, so even if government regulation solves today’s problems, they will not impact future shenanigans

It is scary to realize Empires do not start out as the most predatory game in the freemium game space. But the current direction does not encourage me ( looking at you Tavern of Legends past HotM plus Limit Breaker items )


Absolutely yes. For those who know how to control their expenses, this will not bring any inconvenience. For everyone else, it will be helpful

Sure. After all, this is an additional opportunity for players.

These games lack government regulation, as happened with casinos and slot machines 20 years ago in my country.

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@Genghis Pls don’t be so naive…they want people to spend. They will never ever create such a tracker as some players might surely reduce their spendings.

You can consider it as sarcasm :slight_smile: And another opportunity to show their real face and “player friendly”
P.S. They will make such an indicator only if it will be required by law.

Rather than spending factor, they should add, that percentages gradually increase for pulling legendary non hotm/ non season 1 hero.

Example :
Premium portal has 1% to pull legendary…
After each pull, not getting you legendary, chances should go up by 0,1%. Bonus percentages would be taken from S1 epic,rare, heroes.

So for example after 100 unsucesfull pulls, you chances to pull legendary from premium portal should be 1% (as current) + 10% increase (0,1x100 pulls) = 11%. So you are predicted to get 5* premium hero in next 10 pulls, on average :slight_smile:
Im sure people would be more inclined to spend!

Once you pull 5* of that featured portal, % drop back to its original state :wink:

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I know many gatcha games this the same mechanic. As alternative - guaranteed 5* hero for each X pulls. But I think it’s even incredible than indicator :slight_smile: Over the past three years, all the changes in the game have one thing in common - no any real major changes

Related but also maybe unrelated post - didn’t want to make a completely separate topic for this, but I have a very serious question…

Why is it that when us players question the gacha model, we are almost immediately met with tons of opposition from other posters?

Do these posters work for SG?

That would be the only rational explanation for their opposition.

Other less rational explanations behind their less than noble motivations:

They have good heroes and they don’t want the rest of us to have them;

They like to come here to insult people after a long day of kicking puppies;


That’s about all I can come up with for now.

How many people, so many opinions. More than sure that Zynga/SGG no needed “wolfs in sheep’s clothing” here because this forum it’s just an peak of iceberg and cemetery of players’s ideas. About 2M players in this game and for 2-3 days you can meet all really active members of this forum (about 20-30)

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I get it… I know this forum doesn’t represent the entire player base. My own alliance for example? Majority of them think the gacha model is crap. But most won’t come here to post that, because they already know they will be met with opposition and they have zero interest in getting involved in internet debates. Most of them just play the game for what it is - and accept it as such, because they have no intentions of giving the game money anyway.

I’m one of the few who is dumb enough to subject myself to regular abuse on here in order to ask for better treatment. QoL improvements? Longer AR times? More sea dragons? Putting S2 heroes into training camp pools? Better odds on all summoning portals? Something? Anything? Maybe if I annoy them enough, they will some day say “okay TGW, we put your precious Atlantis heroes into TC20, now will you please STFU?” Maybe then I will, STFU, at least for a little while. :slightly_smiling_face:

i don’t understand nothing about this… all is about player and whether want or don’t want spend… i don’t and i’m happy, if you want and can spend and you are spending why do you spam forum about how unfair is game like this

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Thanks for your own offtop and spam :slight_smile:

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In real life, a person cannot be helped if such person does not want help. For him to be assisted in any way shape or form, he/she must acknowledge that he/she has a problem, and should seek help. Only then can people intervene. They should seek professional help.

As mentioned here, E&P has some gambling aspects. Only having same gambling aspects does not fully equate to what gambling truly is. FWIW, it sure kills extra and free time with all grind to play this game. Now whether you spend or not depends on the player. If one spends on the game, the capability to do so within a budget without affecting personal and family needs should be primordial concern. People should be primarily be concerned and responsible about themselves and not entrust others their best interest.

I don’t spend real money to buy gems for summoning anymore for over a year, yet I still get good heroes using free pulls. It is deemed best to play the game using brains than your pocket (as they say, the best things in life are free). And yet, people you barely know in the game and in the forum acts as your financial adviser. Heck, I do hope that they tended to their real life needs before poking their noses in other people’s business.

Thanks for your opinion and rising of this thread . I appreciate it

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Not only are you not exaggerating, but the very people most likely to push back on your suggestion are also most likely at the highest level of risk.

Defense mechanisms seem awesome… until they stop working. When they do? It’s ugly. Expending so much energy fighting dissonance within a person’s OWN mind does quite the number on folks.

If you need evidence, scroll through the forum. It won’t take you long to find bizarrely angry responses to innocuous comments or suggestions (this is unfair, I don’t like this, stuff like that). That’s dissonance and defense mechanisms made visible.

I’m not going to go into any more detail on that, but I’ll say this. I would argue that the worst thing a clinical person can experience in the field is the death of a client. Sadly, many of us clinical folks are not unfamiliar with the experience. These experiences often follow the failure of defense mechanisms like denial. I’ll leave it at that.

Tl;dr: anything that increases a person’s conscious awareness of their unconscious thought processes cannot be bad.


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