Spending cost

Ok game cost is out the roof. Why not just put out a flat fee like Xbox games then let’s use enjoy the game and have an even chance making it to the top? It’s the rich get stronger and the poor get weaker.


The rich gets poor.
The poor stays poor.
Small games gets rich.

Sound like a safe business model. No problem here.


What cost? I’ve spent zero. I’ve made top 100 trophies, top 1K in events, top 1% in tournaments.


How long have you been playing?

Did you sell the souls of all your kids to Satan to have such luck in this game or was the soul of your firstborn enough?

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It’s not efficient to sell only their soul, the body tends to be even more expensive. That’s why I don’t have any kids :grin:

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No, just putting along, still new trying to figure who works go with who.
Everyone talks about buying things just always a step behind

~2.5 years. I’m level 84.

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Zero soul selling. Why are my achievements automatically viewed as luck?

I admit I have been lucky in many parts of the game (and life).

Not your achievements of course but getting better heroes requires either a ton of money or selling your soul to Satan and getting even some good heroes needed for such feats is difficult. So you had to be lucky in getting those heroes. Of course nobody does and can have every hero in this game (especially Salmon Loki).

I am playing also for ~2.5 years (started at March 2019, Sunday before Grimforest) and level 87. I do spend quite a bit, so I can’t imagine what would F2P have when relying only on free sources of pulls. I have a lot of great heroes, but there were droughts that would extend to entire gamemplay duration of some F2P players. Yes, that’s misfortune instead, but I hope it’s understandable what I meant.

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If you choose to spend the trick is not to spend money you wouldn’t lament throwing to the wind.

I’m very lucky (and very humble for things can change in the blink of an eye) that I can waste a portion of my salary every month. Me and my wife pay all our bills, pay our mortgage and set an amount to our savings. Then what we each have left we can spend as we choose. When I run out of money that’s me until next payday. In my more petulant youth I could blow through my play money in a weekend. I’m older and wiser (possibly) now so I don’t tend to waste it all one a massive weekend boozefest.

Everyone is different and everyone will enjoy things that cost money. The trick to anything is enjoying within those limits. And like drinking and gambling (and other debauch things) you can fall down the rabbit hole if you aren’t careful.

This game can be horribly expensive if you were to buy every offer. I certainly don’t do this but I do spend an amount that would sound crazy to someone that doesn’t. But I’d wager you might have a hobby that costs a lot of money too that I might be horrified by. I got out of golf many years ago but the costs to play that were silly. Annual membership to my club + weekly tournament fees + new balls + new equipment was an annual cost that would probably make me a proper whale in this game.

Yet a good friend of mine plays this for free also, he’s played for 3 years, has a decent roster and enjoys the mechanics of the game. He’s spent £0. That said he has a very expensive taste in wine and spends £100+ per bottle without batting an eyelid.


Enjoy your vices responsibly. This game very much included.


Exactly. I too pay my monthly bills, my monthly food, set some cash aside as saving and the rest I use to amuse myself. I like this game even if I rant a lot about it so why not spending cash here? I also don’t buy every offer because some of them suck, some of them are not interesting for me and also I don’t to have everything in the game. People spend ton of money on alcohol and cigarettes, car mods, parties, LEGO, cosplay (though when you buy LEGO you at least own it, while when you buy something in this game, you may end with nothing, and when spending to parties, you may not even remember anything :smiley: ).

And that’s fine, as long as you don’t put your existence in crisis. Just be responsible, but enjoy the life. It took me quite a lot of time to realize that I have right to enjoy my hobbies as I want.


Who Wants to play red light green light for a 0.04 percent chance at a s2 hero?

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I have 15 5 stars with +18 emblems or more. 7 are season 1 heroes. I have 12 more that I don’t plan on embleming anytime soon (Justice, Richard, Azlar, Elena, Khagan). So let’s say I have 8 heroes you would be excited to get (Lepiota, Freya, Uraeus, Frida, Mother North, Kingston, Santa, Tyr). I feel very lucky to have those. Yet I don’t have a Proteus and I’ve saved all of my challenge coins for months and struck out on Guardians multiple times (I did get lucky one time getting both Falcon and Jackal).

So that’s 8 heroes I’ve worked 2.5 years for (I started a month before you). I probably average 100 EHT a year (I had 60+ at the start of Morlovia, had 0 after Christmas last year, and used many for Springvale and Sand Empire).
Season 2 gives away 21 pulls + the mission.
Season 3 gives away 28 pulls + the mission.
Season 4 has given 17 (at least where I’m at).
Add in a number of ten pulls, I’m not necessarily sure I’m outpacing luck. Nevertheless, I’m very happy with my progress. I would much rather have gotten 1 Krampus than 2 duplicateSantas last Christmas.

My top ninja tower teams (green and Holy) each consist of four four stars. My 5 titan teams have a majority 4 star heroes and my alliance takes down 12 star titans.

I’ll never be number 1, and I don’t go for top 100. But no soul selling necessary.

Good topic on f2p rosters


This game can be crazy expensive, and as few others already said, it is extremely important to have a healthy financial relationship with it. One of the basic principles of this game is to make a lot of things for players slow and hard. While the progress can be annoyingly slow, the game does offer you a tone of deals to speed up things in exchange for some cash.

Let me ilustrate this with the most basic thing in the game - going through map stages (first time or re-do). You can do auto-play, or you can buy loot tickets for a re-play, ex. Atlantis rising farming. One takes all day and it’s tiring, the other, well, costs less time but more money. E&P has successfully monetize this - most other games I played offered me to sweep through finished stages for free. Loot tickes were not even in markets, it was a built in function. And/or you could play new stages on autoplay in normal speed or 4x to save time (sometimes even faster). Well, not in E&P. Here you have just a normal speed and there’s only one way to speed things up. It has to be super tiring, it takes a lot of time, and you naturally have an impulse to say - I wanna speed things up. :joy:

There are many other examples - the game is free in essence, but if you wanna make a real progress you will certainly pay a huge price in your time, energy etc… Still you’ll be behind players who spend, most probably.

If you decide to speed up all of those things, indeed the cost will go through the roof very quickly. :slight_smile:

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Level 84 already! :exploding_head:

I’m about to reach level 90, approaching four years in December.

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