Spenders Beware: see the fate of your purchase here!

Back in September of last year, it was reported that Hanitra breaks chain attacks.
And Margaret does not.

In that post staff replied:

I’ve lost count of the updates. 4? 5 now?

And Margaret still… can’t break chain attacks:


  • Spend on M&M and it gets nerfed.
  • Spend on Waterpipe and it gets stealth nerfed by new releases that can disable with a passive. No board management required…
  • And when your old card has a bug, look here. They don’t care. Stop using it and chase a new card!

Most spenders are waking up.
Realizing that any money spent, is destined to deteriorate. At a faster and faster pace!

When Soul Exchange was released, I marveled at its purpose. A thing that…
Are to be thrown away in. Because that is the fate for the money you spend.

And don’t be fooled!
Spenders includes F2P.
Spenders includes us ALL…!!

For we all SPEND time.
Grinding content, to make pulls.

For something destined to be forgotten, nerfed and chucked into the SE…


Although I agree with a lot of what you wrote in this post I have to ask…
Isn’t it the point of game to spend/pass time with it?? :smiley:


The point :wink:

What’s the point?!?

I’m pretty sure this will vary a thousand times between a thousand different folks.

Some love grinding all day long. They have the time for it and they think it’s fun. I enjoyed some of the grind myself, such as tournaments.

Btw… for those who never grind :man_facepalming:

“in-game loot and currency or to improve a character’s stats roster!

Everything in this game is a grind…

I think the point should have something to do with fun or enjoyment. Which usually also has something to do with being competitive, right?

Competitive… another word that can mean a thousand different things…

But no game can exist without some kind of competitive element. So now we gotta circle back to the M word…

I don’t say it’s not fun and enjoyable grinding for a mediocre result. I rather think it is! Because then… you can grind much less. Time… money… whatever. Mediocrity lacks pressure from higher levels of the key ingredient for all games: Competition.

Just to later… chuck your hard work in the SE?
Not too fun… sorry.

If they will abandon cards like Margaret.
Nothing will stop them from abandoning new content either.

Which is the point being made here!

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You seem to be suggesting that most people aren’t compettive here which means they only strive for mediocrity which means they grind pointlessly and have no fun. Am I missing your key point?

What about getting top 1% in tournies? What about winning wars? What about winning against similar or stronger defenses in diamond tier? What about getting top 5K or top 10K in events? What about completing covenant quest or other difficult PVE? What about scoring high in W3K?

Much (not all, but much) of this game is structured around the concept that you compete vs other players that are at a similar level to yourself. That is why an FTP account a few months in CAN get top 1% in the raid tourney. You can absolutely compete and do well in your division. Or are you saying that a lightweight boxer that wins a trophy is mediocre, just because he is in the lightweight division rather than the heavyweight division?

Would love clarification on what you define as “mediocre” and what is “competitive”


I forget so many things in this game … but mainly because of the constant changes and perhaps it might be an age thing on my part …

Has anyone asked SG / Zynga about this outstanding issue with Margaret?

And does anyone keep a record of outstanding “issues” that remain to be addressed?



No I’m not suggesting anything of the sort:
What I specifically said is:

My key point is in the OP.
This off-topic derailment is a courtesy for @Elayanith

As a continued courtesy…
I did already give you my thoughts on this elsewhere:

From my experience, I noticed no change from playing in the top 100 vs playing in the top 1,000. War… Chaining 14*… all felt exactly the same.

Upon graduating to the Top 10 however…
I found that the landscape changed dramatically! Even swatting the 14* gnats is different!

Maybe you want to twist this and say that I’m saying you need to be in a Top 10 alliance to be competitive now?

Again… it’s a personal scale,
applied on a personal level, for which:

This phenomenon, also described by myself long ago still exists today by those folks who don’t blem, limit break or develop troops for their 3*
Unnecessary for events.

In tournaments either! No need to make a new account to discover that experience is a huge ingredient (often missing) for new F2P in today’s game.

So… there’s a spectrum of competition.
And having experienced this spectrum in its entirety. Looking back, mediocrity was the most pleasant and enjoyable place.

Where competing at the very top, is exhausting

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So again I ask what is your definition of medicority?

You were saying top 100 and top 1000 felt the same, only top 10 was very different.

So if



Then it doesn’t take me to

To piece together that you think anything under top 10 is mediocre?

I am embleming and LBing and developing as quickly as I can and I am still reaching top 1% some of the time. Yes the competition is easier because my TP is lower but I also get less points for each win. It still takes winning most (eg last time was 20-4) and a good defense (A) to get there usually. It doesn’t negate the fact that you can be competitive at whatever level you find yourself in

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another OP of mental gymnastics :rofl: ……contradictions
Somehow - anyhow…. rants against “spenders” with sermons… has to be inserted :rofl:

Margaret was one of the “Misfits”
Easy to forget…

With damage climbing higher and higher.
I was hoping to see her “usefulness” make a comeback like some others, such as Grimble have done.

My entire roster is… not being neglected by me.
Makes no sense to keep spending time or money while history continues relentlessly to repeat itself.
With increasing frequency!

So instead of repetition of theories…. Implement the practical = don’t spend ….& use the time else where :rofl:
Then ….those who give theoretical sermons don’t practice it… is an old “uncleansable ailment” :grinning::smiling_imp:

Yet…you’re still here…subjecting yourself to this mediocrity and drudgery.

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While focus remains on the new creep assembly line,

What other broken, forgotten toys are relegated to the soul exchange?

Is Margaret the only one?

@Elayanith look at what you started here… you just couldn’t leave it alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Margaret should be fixed and the point is that they race to nerf but drag to fix and buff :frowning_face:

We are all here so we are all still having some sort of fun and competing here and there!


It is sometimes very strange how simple statements can start something like that!!! :rofl:

@Pompitous Just out of curiosity…why are you playing this game if not to pass some time and maybe to have fun while you are doing it !? :slight_smile:

The answer is… use a taunt hero (eg Ludwig, BK, Krampus, Kara, etc): stops Khufu’s chain attacks after a single target with somewhat muted dmg done (unless, perhaps, you have two [or more] simultaneously active taunts that are also adjacent [contiguous] to each other)!

How is this an answer? This is an alternative for blocking chain attacks. Which is not the question here.

The player has Margaret and wants to use her instead of a taunter… expectation is that her special may block the chain if activate.

The answer is to fix Margaret to work as intended.


Agreed. When a card is broken, it should be fixed. Players shouldnt have to find a workaround to bad mechanics. Reinstate the broken skill or remove it from the card and notify players you have nerfed the hero.


Still no fix for Margaret.
With damage steadily increasing, it made sense that her mechanic would retain value with dodge much like some anti-minion heroes have done.

Seems more important to rework stats and make room for new creeps.

Take note of what you’re buying spenders!
See the value over time

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This is so wrong. C.Kadlian and Inari dodge khufus chain. If the first person dodges the attack, the chain stops. They all should be the same.