Spend or save - ascension items for dark heroes


I can ascend Rigard to top tier or hang on to my ascension items.

My other 4*s are kiril, Boril, Scarlett and Colen all at 3’60. I need one more cape to get Kiril to the top too, as another healer.

My stronghold is at 18, so will hopefully be at 20 in a few weeks with a TC20 not far behind.

I’m happy to be patient and wait for a Tibertus or Dark 5* if that’s the better plan.


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I would say go for Rigard. He is one of the better healers as he cures your team from bad voodoo. This comes in very handy. I have him just about at 70 and it helps a ton.

Sure go for rigard. Until your tc20 is running it will take more than a month and it doesn‘t guarantee any heroes. You could end up with 20 Friar tucks… rigard is super solid and you gonna find new mats while waiting for tiburtus/Sartana etc…


20 Friar tucks! I can only dream of such a magnificent force :joy:


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