Spend Atlantis tokens for nothing

What a hell off a shame … 800 Atlantis tokens used for calling heroes and not one from Atlantis… all lost tokens … such a shame !!

That’s pretty bad luck. I had four hundred of the things and got 3 3-star Atlantis heroes and Scarlett (who is a dup for me). Using the reduced cost to try to finish hard (8 more to do) and make another 6 pulls…


I hope for you the best. I need to do 7 more levels and cleared on hard. Killed last boss allready so the hardest part is done… I have 500 new tokens than . But i think not possible in time. 7 × 10 is to long hehe

Sorry to hear man, the chance of an Atlantis 3* is actually higher than the chance of a classic 3* so I do agree that’s some really bad luck :frowning:

Think of it this way though, you’re at least guaranteed to get an ascension mat from that pull chest (if you haven’t gotten it to 10 already).


Yeah maybe but than i need 2 more pulls offcourse… on 8 for the chest . Well we all know that the pulls are very bad …

It depends. My first x10 atlantis pull gave me 9 3* heroes and useless Gobbler. Two months ago did another x10 pull and got my third Wilbur and nth Chao. Today used 1500 coins and got Sartana, Ariel and bonus Ranvir.
This is how probability works. Sometimes you have luck, sometimes you don’t.

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Yes. Tough. Did two ten pulls . First free token on got marjana . And from the two ten pulls. Gato, Sonya, sumitomo,rigard,& another wu. Have ranvir already. So going to wait till July now for a shot at sechat. Rigard is the best dark I have now

Yeah i understand… its all about luck hehe

Was going for tarlak . But having ranvir makes up for that loss. Going

Its to bad you got those stupid pulls … so hard to spend tokens for such pulls

Bound to happen when you do enough of those for sure. Can’t conplain for the month though . Ranvir, and marjana . First season one 5 I’ve gotten. All the rest hotms. Frida,two eves,& anzogh

Thanks. I just stupidly went into an underwater level with only antidotes, small manas, bear banners and resurrections (hadn’t noticed that I needed to craft healing items desperately, and took the “random” substitutions that the computer made for me), and somehow managed to win it. Take that, Mr. Jellyfish! Even got a cute little sea dragon for 2 more. 81 coins now, 7 levels to get the 500 bonus…

What level are you on?. Provinces 27/3?

Yep. Twenty characters would be really useful to finish this answer.

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Im on province 21 . So still some levels to go …

I’m at 27/8. Lost acouple of times. Trying to get stronger before I take it on again

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I feel your pain, 10 pulls + 200 coins = 12 3*…


So stupid !! ,hope you got what you deserve once

Did 6 singles, outside of Gato all 3s duplicates, mixed reg. and Atl.
At least Gato will fit in my Atlantis 3*s team.
Going afarming now.
Have fun.

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