Speeding Up War Chest Fills For Top Teams

I’m not in APL but just saw the news

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me???

So because they want variety, SG just hands em an easy 5 points by giving them a guaranteed mismatch every hand full of wars?

Complete nonsense. The matchmaking system is supposed to work towards decreasing mismatch possibilities. NOT THE OPPOSITE.

Great suggestion though…FROM THE USUAL SUSPECTS…of course…


What happened???

Every 5th war top teams are guaranteed a mismatch now.

Used to not be able to meet the same alliance within 4 wars. Now they increased it to 5 so tops can snag an easy win vs a team they shouldn’t match against…

So basically aggressive doesn’t have to war at 29 anymore for faster chest fills. SG took the work out of doin that and gave em an easier route without being 1 member short.

Basically it’s going to allow top 5 to match with outside the top 10… it’s a :poop: idea

“We want variety” isn’t a valid reason to suggest screwing other teams over for your personal gain…


I don’t think this is the Gist/ intent of the thread/ change you are referencing…

To Clue-In everyone else;
APL = Active Players Lounge -> don’t ask me, I don’t know how you get in lol

The “change” in question here is a SMALL change to the way that War Matchmaking is done in terms of “excluding” a match.

The Change

Essentially the change was to change the matchmaking mechanic to exculde opponents that you have met in the past 5 wars.

Previously I believe it was excluding alliances you met in the past 4 wars.

The Justification / Reason

There are only a handful of alliances which have met the “War Cap” at ~135,000 points on the war score. This results in War Matchmaking previously matching the same alliances with each other over-and over and over again with no variety.

With the change, essentially all it was designed to do is give some more variety…

Guvs Notes

Not defending the change, just clueing everyone in on the context & what the change was.

For what it’s worth, I personally don’t care nor can I really comment (as it doesn’t apply to me in the slightest)… War Chests are wholely underwhelming in rewards given… I mean you get (essentially) 2 rolls at ~25% chance of getting a 4* material (get better & more frequent odds from 14* titans they are killing) and a single roll at some emblems (agian, get better & more frequent rolls from the rare titans they are killing once a week or so).


Lol sure if you wanna be completely naive, yea that’s all it does

Put it like this.

One of the biggest perks of climbing the “war rank” ladder/bracket system:
Tighter matchmaking allowing fairer matches

This change does the opposite

It loosens the matchmaking to create more mismatches

@mhalttu did you guys have a few drinks before makin this decision or just caved to the pressure of your favorite whales sober?


So your issue isn’t so much with the “Speeding up war chest fills for top teams” as your title dictates but rather is it with “unfair matchmaking & creating mismatches”?

Just trying to understand your perspective as this change affects only a handful of alliances.

This is my personal take on the matter.

Lol so basically the change doesn’t effect you so you’re goin to sit and defend it?

Increasing chest fills of top teams by allowing an easier matchup every 5 wars, is just ■■■■■■

Sitting there saying “it’s random loot, you won’t get anything anyways, so all is well” is a pile of crap

Telling teams they should expect a mismatch 1 out f 6 wars so that a few teams can have more variety is flat out ■■■■■■■■

Top teams defending it to gain more mat rolls, is also a pile of ■■■■

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I’m not defending the change…?

Just trying to understand the basis/ root of your outrage… that & fleshing out/ providing the information that you left out of the OP

In terms of a “Mismatch” doesn’t this already happen normally with everyone else’s wars?
I mean personally at my level, you win a couple and then end up matched with an enemy who are way beyond your league… so you get smacked around a bit & head back down to your normal enemies…?

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I’ll say two things before closing the thread.

  1. @mhalttu explicitly stated that SG reserved the right to reverse the change if they were unhappy with the results.

  2. The Active Player Lounge is a bit like an old alternative to beta where selected experienced players were asked for feedback. It’s name is now ironic as it gets about one post a month. In this case, although the request was originally posted there, it was also passed on in the mod/staff chat which is common practice for many requests

So, let’s all go have a metaphorical cold shower, see if the results are problematic and, if so, civilly suggest a remedy.


I am sorry for making this topic. I just want to make quick comment. After you can close it.

I am from Aggressive. We did not ask for this change but we like it. And it is nothing to do with War chests. We like the change because it will give us different opponents. Right now is so predictable, scheme is simple:

CP -> X team -> 7DD > X team -> CP -> X team -> 7DD… Repeat

We are not scared to meet 7DD and CP all the time. Wars just are getting not fun anymore, 2 out 3 wars we have CP and 7DD. Over and over again. I believe this is the right reason why some players asked for such a change, to make wars more fun.

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Y’all wanted to be at the top… this is the bag of sh¡t that goes with it.

Other teams are working their asses off trying to climb the same ladder that’s dominated by the top few… so a match-up so that y’all could have “more fun” could be viewed at demoralizing for others.

Want a change? Make your own war rules between yourselves… mono your defense… have the other team pick your lineup… plenty of options that y’all can do in-house without disturbing the efforts of the rest of us.


Meh , who cares you all helped them stay at the top by leaving GM top of the ranks and not letting him he usurped by JF and now Clarissa , considering every one of their members have GM. What’s another change for them.

What I find chilling here is sg staff making a production game change with a lack of testing in response to 1 players idea. This is a rookie mistake in the software world, surprised they dont have better controls in place to prevent this.

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Well I would rather SG works on a way to add some change and fun in wars in a way that isn’t geared solely towards the teams at the top. There was a recent thread from top 100 alliance members complaining that wars were too repetitive. I think there were some decent ideas discussed there that every player could benefit from.

I remember when AWs were fun

Field Diversity

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