Speed up pull of heroes from Tc20

How to speed up pull of heroes from Tc20? If anyone has idea, please share to members.

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Pay gems. ALLL the gems.

Otherwise, petition SG to make a TC30 that gives you super-fast Legendary training :laughing:


Probably would cost 2.5 million ham and 1000 sharpening stones.


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I put in a feature request for a complete overhaul of the training camps. I think it’s time for a redesign.

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Spending gems is the only way, and it’s not worth the amount required to do so.

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Here’s the link to @DJQuixo’s feature request. Please also vote or comment if you think the training camp could be improved (and if you also wonder who will ever find a use for stage 14-18 as it is now :stuck_out_tongue: )

@Jate: Currently, the only way to speed up TC20 is to use tons of gems; more gems than you need for an epic pull or atlantis pull. So it doesn’t make sense to speed it up. Unfortunately, there is currently no faster way to train 5* heroes (there might be in the future if the TC gets changed or higher levels get added)

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I don’t have money. Now just only fight to get gems but it’s so slow @DJQuixo

I already vote for your idea, troops should also pull from TC @TomSnow.


Maybe that’s because there is a higher percentage of getting a 5* out of TC 20?

I vote no. Then will will see people able to buy even stronger troops easier and cheaper. This way people have to grind it out or spend lots of money to pull epic troops.

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I tell you that I will not buy anything but get resources from event, my answer is vote “yes” @Starryeyedgryph

To speed up your TC20 for 2 days (= 1 hero) it take 880 gems. You (probably*) have a 5 % chance to get one of the standard 5-star heroes.

An elemental pull costs 300 gems and has a 2.5 % chance to get a standard 5-star hero in the colour of your choice. Moreover, you have a 1.3 % chance to get the Hero of the Month.

An Atlantis pull costs 350 gems and (if I remember correctly) you have a 1 % chance to get one of the featured heroes (= old HotM and new Atlantis heroes), a 1.5 % chance to get the standard 5-stars or one of the old Atlantis 5-stars as well as a 1.3 % chance to get the HotM. Furthermore, most of the time you get an Atlantis 3-star or 4-star instead of the standard heroes.

Also, if you do 10 or 30 pulls at once you even get a discount.

So it’s 260-350 gems for a 3.8 % chance to get normal or special heroes versus 880 gems for a 5 % chance to get only the standard heroes. Oh, and summoning doesn’t cost neither recruits nor ham. So, it makes absolutely no sense to speed up TC20 trainings :slight_smile:

*The probablilty might have decreased since summer. I’ve heard from several players that they now very rarely get 5-star heroes from their TC20.

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So you think it is fairer that the huge spenders keep this quite big advantage and F2P or C2P have to wait for ages to get their troops to high levels. To “grind out” level 30 four-star troops you probably have to play for 3 years or more. Even to get four-star mana troops to level 17 (where slow heroes need 1 tile less to charge) takes a lot of time, level 23 (normal heroes charge faster) is already close to impossible without playing very actively for a really long time or spending a lot of money.

I have a f2p guy in my alliance at level 39 who has pretty high troops and is a hard hitter. The disparities between the p2p people and f2p/c2p would get even wider.

Build x4 TC20 so after 48 days you can pull up 4 heroes.
Its better than thinking about speeding with gems or worth waiting for TC30 update lol.

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