Speed up auto farming

Hey everyone,

Farming, farming, farming … it’s an essential part of the game but also tedious and boring. Farming is a huge part of the game in order to progress alot of time needs to spent farming for battle/crafting material etc.

E&P’s auto battles are like playing in slow motion compared to other games. We should have the option to increase auto speeds ×2, ×3 etc. Increasing the speed would make farming more efficient. Loot tickets are a special treat for atlantis rises (for me) we dont get enough for daily farming ofcourse .

For me, I am just content that there is an autofarming feature in this game. Increasing farming speed would be almost the same as loot ticket. That request would not be accommodated by SG for sure. Good luck.


Perhaps I am a control freak, but I like to keep an eye on the auto-play to ensure that I intervene if my team runs into trouble. So, the slow speed helps with that, IMO.

I am also really impatient, so I also feel your pain, but control trumps the impatience, in my case.


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