Speed to finish a heroes special skill 8/8

It takes much longer to get the special skill to 8/8 on a 4* while a 5*’s special skill can be at 4/8 before the first ascension.

Yes the rng controls all but

Does the star level of a hero change the speed of maxing the “special skill” to 8/8?

I’m going to assume 5s go up faster bc it takes more feeders to level them up.
I’ve had 4s max out before the first tier and my kage was so stubborn he didnt max his talent until he was into final ascension lol

Think it’s just the greater opportunity with all the feeds. And don’t even talk about 3*!

I just had a Gullinbursti not get to 8/8 until he had 1.5k exp left… Like I mean 4/79…

Its RIGGED!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on my experience 5* hero is relatively faster than 4* to fully level up their special skill, I have no idea if deves intentionally set the RNG to that differences, but I do have same opinion as you.

No it does not. You see the percentage chance of it happening with each training. 20% is 20% 100% of the time (except for the odd 10% that is closer to 90% - where yogi Berra when you need him?).

Compare it not to something like „speed“. Compare it to the total amount of XP You need to max the hero. Every feeder has a set chance to increase the special.
3*: 50k XP and only 2 ascensions
4*: 167k XP and 3 ascensions
5*: 353k XP and 3 asc

You need far more feeders for 4* and even more for 5* heroes, so there are much more possibilities to increase the skill level

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