Speed of Guinevere a bug?

Hi, during fights I really doubt, that Guinevere ist set to average as speed. The 3% mana regenereation cannot be that infuential. I counted. G. ist full of mana after 3 turns and 3x3 combos hit.
That from my perspective is not avg. speed.

Event bosses aren’t at slow/average/fast speed, they’re much much faster, always have been.

She is correctly average in a raid environment.

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Thats even worse then. How should not so advanced players should have a chance then? An event should be fun also for players with not so advance heroes. Not demotivate then. Like almost everybody in my alliance

They were designed as the hardest content in game (to date anyway), not for everyone to be able to complete them.

Whether they got the individual tuning right this time or not, hard to say, though I suspect they will look at the numbers of people who attempt vs. complete them after the fact.

I like that it’s not so straight-forward. I had to revise my strategy from tank-n-spank to actual thought. One hint for guinevere, is to stop hitting her with gems and let her buff expire if you can’t get it dispelled fast enough. Focus-fire adds and other bosses instead of just slinging gems everywhere.

I had a lot of fun with Camelot

but then it is even worse. So the event is desgined to get the best players even better and the beginners or players woth not lvld. heroes out of the game with demotivation. If that is the strategy of SGG. then it is really bad

Separate out the challenge from the rewards.

The entire point of a challenge…is to be hard. i.e. a challenge. To the point where completing it feels like a reward. The problem we are seeing now is the gap between top players who know what they’re doing and also spend is widening. If you did a skills challenge from average high school baseball players and top level high school baseball players, the best would win. But if you created a skills challenge to test major league players, the average high school player is left in the dust.

That’s starting to be what you’re seeing here - hero power difference between the top and the middle is drastically different after the holiday ascension item sales, as well as needing higher strategy (i.e. no more tank and spank as someone referenced above), so it was way more difficult to complete with a casual team of random mostly 4 with a 5 here and there mis-mash teams. As those two types of players diverge the same content isn’t going to apply to both groups anymore.

That’s a separate thing from giving loot out.

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