Speed Leveling Heroes for Veterans

Best is subjective to the playing style. Tc3 is plain wasteful, but tc19 is so fast i can ignore food waste

I hear you. I food aint a problem then tc19 is the answer.

how is specific color trainings more efficient? they use up waay more resources and time than tc1 and tc2, please explain

Leveling is faster and with fewer heros and food needed. If done in this order as per hero lvl increases: 1* > 2* > 3* / 4* / trainers with the hero’s color. Ofcourse this can be difficult to achieve.
Overall is better but time consuming.
How much better? Math is needed and i dont have that time

Ok. I’ll.stick to mine. U to yours. :slight_smile:

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It does not take much math to calculate on color training only delivers a 16% experience benefit. I think that’s why specific color training is rarely used.

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@WinkWink I am thinking that the lower-level color training isn’t worth it costing sword, pack and taking the time.

However the higher training? It may not be a bad idea. Rares of same color may be worth it for those who are stocking up. In watching my friend prepare for leveling up, and seeing how fast & effective it was makes me reconsider. I can spare 1 rugged clothes, 100k food and 1 day per for a real shot at a 3* of the color I want.


Let’s compare running one of the advanced element specific training vs. TC11. In one day of specific training (TC14-18) you get 1 hero that is rare or lower. Let’s assume that they are all rare. That gives you 756 experience and costs 25 recruits and 105K food. In the same 24 hour period TC11 produces 12 mixed 1*/2* mixed color. Let’s say that you are extremely unlucky and get all 1* wrong color you still get more than double the experience (12 x 150 = 1,800). In reality it’s more like half 2* and 20% correct color which will provide 3,372 (12 x 281)experience at a cost of 24 recruits, 12K food and no materials.

As far as stocking up is concerned if you don’t collect the heroes they can pile up in definitely (I suggest that you save your hero capacity for trainer heroes and use them on the final levels before ascension)


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