Speculation: Greek heroes at last?

I was watching the names of season 2 zone.
There are clearly references on season 2 heroes in there.

  • Several names linked to pirates or bucaneers culture (Misandra)
  • Hawaiians names like Mokulua mountains (Tarlak, Mok arr)
  • several japanese like zone for Mitsuko and Inari (Kyoujin or Mochida mountains, banrinochojo, nishikaigan)

Now if we take a look on the last 3 zone and google that names, we see that all 3 are somehow linked to the Greek culture.

What do you think?

There are already 2 in Ares and Athena. Maybe there will be more.

Perseus as well…

And 20 char…

Proteus also…

20 something

and we will have Poseidon as well…

Leonidas too. And perhaps a little less obviously, Justice.

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As well as Triton a Poseidon’s messenger.

Poseidon anyone? We have already seen Ariel , Poseidon’s grand daughter in Greek Mythos…but daughter in Disney (I think, I never watched).

From a leaked card that’s still visible on the internet, it appears that the third 5* in the Atlantis family is named “Atomos”, also Greek.

In disney Poseidon is Triton’s dad, Triton is Ariel’s dad.

Edit: and posedion is set to be a holy 5* hero.

Ariel has no relation to Poseidon in Greek mythology, as far as I know. Ariel is an angel (male) in Judaism.

We need a Dionysus. He’s my favorite but so underrated

“Alcoholic intoxication” special: All enemies lose 40% of attack and 40% of accuracy for 6 turns (including special attacks) and receive 150 of damage for another 6 turns for hangover.


Or ‘Grapes of Wrath’ :wink:


Nyx, goddess of Night:


He’s also the god of “ritual madness” ie. crazy extreme mad partying until a state of enthusiastic ecstasy is reached! Usually with extreme displays of strength at the end

Bonus skill:

30% chance of all allies getting +75% attack for 3 turns!

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Chuck Norris is also Greek. To be the one who takes the opposite. :joy::joy::joy:

We need a hero called Kraken so I can yell “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” everytime I go raiding with him.


We also need Nike! Since she’s the goddess of victory we need her to be a 5* with a very fast special

I’ll just drop in my theory that Hades is already in the game…

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