Spectator Mode

I moved alliances today after the last war finished. In my new Alliance the Titan chest is greyed out and when I go on the war tab it says Spectator Mode … can anyone tell me what this means please

To help prevent constant alliance hopping, there’s a soft reset on your titan chest. It’ll open back up for you shortly. :slight_smile:

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Spectator mode means you aren’t participating in the war. Comes from joining a new alliance- you can participate in the next one they have.

Spectator mode happens if you join an alliance after matching, you miss wars(system places you in spectator mode automatically after you miss 2 consecutive wars), or you opt out of wars. Make sure “participate in wars” box is checked to be included in the next one:)

Thanks. The Titan chest reset overnight

Hi thanks for the reply. I changed alliance yesterday after the wars ended. Matching for the next war doesn’t start for another 10 hours I think. So not sure what is happening

It just indicates you didn’t participate in the war that ended. Don’t worry, you’ll participate in the next one (unless you opted out).

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Thank you. Was getting worried lol. Yes I am opted in. I asked the question because two of us moved alliance at the same time and joined the new alliance together, but it’s only me that is in spectator mode. The other player has a message … next war starts soon …

Maybe the whole alliance opted out from war if they don’t see results of the previous war? It is possible to do so in the alliance settings (for leader and co-leaders).

Titan chest is 24 hour lockout if I remember correctly.

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