Spectator mode for AW

What about a feature where you can watch other Alliance member war matches?

Wars are intense and many just stare at the war screen waiting for the result of a battle. It would be awesome if we could actually see the battle live.

I know that coding wise this is probably not an easy feature to include, but it would really add a lot of fun. What does everyone think about this?

I am one of those that stare at the screen until battle ends. And sometimes those battles are long. Definitely want this as an option. Maybe they can code it so we see our teammate’s screen or something like that

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Same here. We always talk about war watching. Imagine the carnage!

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It would be awesome, I really hope to see this one day

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Did really None of those suggestions fit???


Wasted 2 votes :frowning:

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I’d like to have practice raids and practice AW against alliance members. It wouldn’t cost any energy.

I really dont have the energy to do the same as sorsha with you harbour, but there are dozen of thread for this topic, too

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I didn’t see it in the “Read before posting section”

Guess it should be added there.

Thank you


I usually check when I start a thread, but not before posting on an existing thread. It just seemed related to the topic.

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