Spectating war attacks

Sorry if it’s been asked already. Would really love to see this implemented in the game especially when war is coming down to the wire.


Yes!!! Totally agree

Was closer before but we snuck a lead, would be nice to see the clutch plays

We’re on the edge of our seats… 15-19 flags remaining… Both sides are blowing vapor now, but we have soft respawns…

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It’s always the Russians isn’t it.

I’m nervous for you too. We once lost by less than 10 points… Led until the last 5 mins

Perhaps place this in the Ideas/Requests section so people can “vote” as well. It may help in getting SG to add to their list.

PS this feature would be awesome and is something our alliance members would love also.

Yes, in less than 20 characters. Agree

I’d love to see this. We’ve just lost this war by a thread in the last 15 minutes. We won our previous one in the same situation. It was really suspenseful. xD

Won this one by 56 points. Hope you had success on your side.

We’re expecting tougher opposition this coming weekend. 3 wins on the trot so far. And yes, 9 out of 10, it’s against a Russian alliance.

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  1. Please search and determine that there is no existing thread on this topic.

  2. Please state precisely what you want the game to do (“it would be nice if Player A could watch Player B in the same alliance attack enemy opponents in real time.”) Whatever your proposal is, please state it clearly.

  3. Please tag me or one of the other moderators to move this thread for you to Ideas/Requests Section. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Here is a topic that aggregates previous discussion of a raid (war) attack spectator mode:

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Please add your votes to the existing thread posted by SuuriKoira above:

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