Specific Ring aka Gunnardam Wing aka Modzilla fan fiction

The cockpit rocked as another gargantuan clawed arm crashed into the stone armour, throwing the heroes against the console in front of them.

“Status report!” Bellowed Khagan from the command chair.
“Mana down 30% and our defence has been debuffed!” yelled Alasie
“Chao, tactical options?” Khagan shot the question to his left
“We could divert mana from the shield and channel it through the magma servos, increasing attack by 50%”
“That’s suicide!” interjected Tibertus as he threw the command levers violently, the Guardian Construct lurching away from another lethal strike.

–24 hours earlier–

Chao Tibertus Liana khagan Alasie

The five heroes looked around the interior of the huge empty tower, the vaulted ceiling disappearing in the gloom above. How they had been. brought here, they did know, but some terrible force of magic or technology had dragged them across continents, seas and mountain peaks to be there.

Each looked around pensively, hands plucking at sword handles and straying to bow strings.

Then, the tap-tap-tap of metal sabbats on the stone floor. Each hero peered into the darkness and then gasped at the strange character that walked towards them.

White hair lay strewn across shoulders and chest, his tunic was creased and spotted with oil and malodorous unguents, his peculiar goggles caught a strange green light being emitted from a capsule on his belt.

“Welcome, friends,” he said, friendly and familiar. “I know you have many questions but time is of the essence.”

“For too long our people have suffered at the hands of these kaiju” he paused to blow his nose after the sneeze then continued “these titans. But finally, we have a solution…BEHOLD!”

The curious character turned, flinging his arms high in a gesture of triumph. As he did so, torches ignited around the Great hall, illuminating a vast statue of a warrior. The mighty form was cast from great stones and steel plates with an eye boggling array of cables, chains and bolts. And from between every chunk and crack, the electric blue glow of mana seeped.
The five newcomers gasped and gaped.
“Wait…is that a Guardian Construct?”, breathed Tibertus
“No,” said Alasie “I have seen work like this in Atlantis”
“You are both correct” came the response
"I, Quintus, have combined Correllian magitech with the artifice of Atlantean drones. And built the greatest Guardian Construct the world has ever known!
Here he paused, breathless, as if awaiting a flood of applause from his bewildered audience.
There was a stunned and awkward pause.
“Ok, Quintus, let’s say you get this thing to move…why do you need us?” quizzed Liana
"Good question, Elfling, it’s all a matter of class…I have calculated that your inate power to penetrate armour will be a key skill in defeating the Titans.
“I understand”, spoke the tactiturn Chao “…we are all rangers.”
"Precisely, but now you will be powered by my mighty machine. But we must make haste, for I have seen through my farsight telescope that another huge primal lizard is approaching. Go, go, Powered Rangers!

“It is a new age, when we will have more things in our arsenal.” said Alasie with a smile on anticipation.
“Yes,” proclaimed Khagan “It’s more-things time!”

“Now make haste,” urged Quintus “you must learn how to pilot the construct, the enemy approaches…!”

“That’s suicide!” Interjected Tibertus as he threw the command levers violently, the Guardian Construct lurching away from another lethal strike.

“Khan, you’ve got to make the call” shouted Alasie, turning to Khagan.

“Do it, Chao. All mana to the magma servos. Tibertus, we’ve only got one shot at this, keep us out of reach. Liana, prep the right fist, we need a perfect shot. Alasie, identify a weak spot.”

Through the circular view port in the head, the team watched their foe, a vast primal lizard. The beast, a servant of the Dark Lord had dragged itself from the boiling seas of Shaguadin and made landfall on the shores of Windermer. Now, it lunged and thrashed at the stone visage of the construct, enraged by its refusal to die.

"On my mark…NOW! Roared the Khan
Chao pulled a series of levers and the magic field holding the rock sections together thinned as it was channelled into the hissing magma servos of the right brachial plexus.
Tibertus fought the controls as a beasts tail whipped across their vision.
“Steady, wait for the follow through, hold until you see the left flank” directed Alasie
“Now, Liana, now’s your time!”
Liana was still as a flat-calm sea…gazing through the magitech scopes of the attack station. The, as the beast’s flank came around, she breathed out and triggered a mighty blow.

The over charged servos sang in fury as the pressure realeased and the one hundred ton fist was propelled forward with the speed of a hurricane and the momentum of a glacier. It struck true, pulping the lizards abdomen and liquifying it’s racid innards. The stricken creature spewed forth the content of its gut in a revolting death thoe and it crashed to the earth.

The rangers were victorious!


Idk what I just read but I like it!

Very well though of. I honestly hope that was a 6* titan and not 12*:kissing_smiling_eyes:

#damnkaijus #epmanga

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I love this! It was a tale to be told for generations!

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Thanks guys :smile:

I think primal lizard tops out around 8* so our heroes have even greater foes yet to face!

@Saphirra your hero cards inspired me to do a little picture editing. I used to do loads for college newspapers etc but it’s actually got harder now I just have a notepad computer instead of a proper old school desktop!

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I thought it looked very cool, Sir @JonahTheBard. I love the way you use words.

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“Go, go, Powered Rangers!” made me laugh too loud. It’s a masterpiece :joy: :joy:

Btw when I read the title I thought Gunnar was gonna turn into a giant to fight the monster too, Ultraman style. Chapter 2 when? :thinking:



I was trying to lever in a Gundam Wing reference…

I can certainly start thinking about another chapter. Jot down some ideas for me


No no, I got the Gundam Wing reference. It brought back some childhood memories actually :smile:

Sadly english is not my main language so I can’t help much there :sweat_smile:

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Maybe a “white reflection” music in the background can do just the trick!

Reminds me of Voltron is it ? Or there was an mecha anime which combined and had wolves /beasts… but my old memory isn’t what is used to be .

Yer, Voltron, power rangers, transformers Beast Wars…all treading similar territory.

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You have serious problems.

And we love it.


I know this wasn’t directed at me…but I thought of something anyway. :slight_smile:

Now that they defeated the titan, there is always another, so maybe a different titan? and the Machine broke down, so they have to figure out a new way of defeating this one? just a thought.

While piloting the giant mecha, our heroes run out of gas in the middle of Shiloh desert.


Always happy to hear others ideas, particularly from another creator :blush:

Ok, pick a challenging second enemy. Not the floating head!



Yer the whole second episode is them trudging through the sand trying to hitch hike :joy:


Exactly :joy:

They’ll be back to the castle without the mecha but they’ll bring back a lot of darts, and some painful sunburns.


ok, let me find the pic I want

Does this work? lol If not, I’ll think of another. :slight_smile: And ofcourse there’s always the Unicorn Titan.

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You want me to write a story about the destruction of @Garanwyn… that’s dark, man :joy:


Maybe it is an anti-hero story…like Deadpool?


or a raid? you know, heroes fighting each other?

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