Specific Question about mercenaries

If a merc comes and hits your titan and then leaves the alliance before the tiran dies do they still get loot despite not being in the alliance at the time of titan death?

Today 3 mercs have join us, hit titan 2-3 times and left the alliance.

I hope my question makes sense and sorry if this has been asked before.
I couldn’t find the answer anywhere.


No, they do not get loot if they are not in the alliance when the titan dies. They were just being helpful.


Wow, some really nice people on this game.


If they wanted to be helpful why couldn’t they be honest about it when they joined? I have a real issue with mercs joining an alliance without being asked.

Who is to know that rather than being helpful they actually took down a titan before the other players had a chance to hit.

The other players may have happily assumed new players were joining them, when that wasn’t the case at all.

I think mercs could be a great advantage to some alliances but it would be more courteous to join and say …

“Hey, just here to help out with your titan if you’d like”

An invited merc is a guest, an uninvited merc is an invader!


I think you and I may have read the OP differently. It sounded to me like they were either invited or welcomed in and the OP stated that they are “nice” people leading me to believe that it was helpful.

Personally I believe if your alliance is open, you have to expect people coming and going and for what it’s worth, I haven’t seen any mercs show up uninvited, hit and leave. They were either doing it to be helpful after they were asked, or doing it for the loot, at which point they would have stayed.

But I dont disagree that communication is key!


@above Yeah you’re correct my alliance is not set to open.
I’m not sure why any alliance would want it open to be honest. But that’s just me…

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Since your alliance is set on “invite only” then it would be even easier for a merc to be upfront about their intentions.

They could simple say “I’m mercing, just like to help with your titan”. That would give the alliance leadership a chance to accept or decline.

The fact that these mercs don’t do that still leads me to believe they are trying to help themselves, not the alliance they are joining.

They have literally no incentive to hit the Titan other than to help you. There’s nothing in it for them.


It’s just hard for me to imagine why a player would join an alliance just to help fight a titan, without expecting any rewards.

I understand “family” alliances using this strategy, but please explain how a player can enjoy fighting a titan with the expectation of getting no rewards?

While I am not a pro Mercs, but the scenario presented by the OP shows they were just there to help and were probably invited, if not, the 3 were linked and were just roaming.

If it’s just one merc, would probably dismiss the notion, but 3 players arriving at the same time at invite only alliance, hit Titans and and the 3 left afterwards…

It’s also obvious that they were not interested in loots, surely many would have known by now that they will get loots reduction when they arrive at an Alliance after the Titan has spawned. Weird that they didn’t wait to kill the Titan though.

And that’s what I thought they still get loot or something. I’ve called for mercs before but never has 3 joined and left without staying until titans death.

Just nice people i guess, maybe got lucky.


We have had this happen quite a few times in my alliance, even when we didn’t “need” it. We are friendly with many higher-level mercs and they commonly stop in to say hello and “donate” a flag. its a community and some folks out there are just solid good people. While I am not a merc, while my alliance has been on a pass, I have done this for others I have seen needing flags or help taking one down (especially for lower-level alliances.

Well, I made the jump from 6* to 10/11/12* a few months ago. It was a MASSIVE change for me, but I am now generally getting b loot with the occasional A/A+ when leveling +RNGesus smiles at me. I do it to pay it forward, help newer players, and for the FUN of it. Smacking a 5* titan or coming in to give a hand is fun. Maybe its just me, but I’m not coin operated and can make a decision for the betterment of the community every once in a while.


I also think there is a point some people reach where they still want to play occasionally, but aren’t dedicated enough to play in an alliance every day. So, jumping in to hit a random Titan might just be a fun thing to do at that point.

I admit to shaking my head … with all the players constantly complaining about how bad their rewards are, I’m still shocked that there are some players who are truly generous enough to forego rewards.

Good for them!

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I had three Mercs join at the same time also for the sake of just being nice …they said the loot is drastically reduced for Merc and they dont get the ascension items. Made it doable for us and left.

Whats your opinion on why they do it ? Curious.

They could have been being nice and helpful… Maybe they was checking out how well they could hit what ever titan you had… Merc no longer gets rewarded like they used to… and I DISAGREE with them not collecting on ANY titan they helped with

The mercs I’ve heard of did it only to get the rewards (perhaps before they were nerfed).

I can see the appeal if your roster is already complete and you enjoy visiting other alliances. My only concern is when the intentions aren’t so honourable.

When a new player joins us I always tell them that they can fight the titan even though their titan chest is gray. I explain that they won’t get the point but they’ll still get some rewards.

Is this information now wrong?

I thought the rewards were reduced, not stopped altogether?

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Ok thanks…I thankfully haven’t met any Mercs like this. I questioned on an EnP chat asking benefits of being a Merc…a majority ( of course not all) were genuine in wanting to help alliances. Sound like your experiences have not been as good.

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